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Contents of Issue № 04/2017
Financial politics
Evteeva M.V. - Modern Trends of Funding Russia's Research Institutions pp. 1-10


Abstract: The subject of this research article is the modern state of funding Russia's research institutions, the process that is accompanied with integrated reformation covering all elements  of the academic sector. In her research Evteeva compares the main sources of funding Russia's fundamental science. She underlines that the role of the agricultural sector may start to play a crucial role under new conditions of the post-industrial era. The author also emphasizes the importance of proper definition of objectives when preparing government orders. According to the author, it is an important factor of increasing efficiency of research institutions in Russia. To analyze the process of funding the academic sector, the author of the article uses the dialectical method. To find answers to particular questions related to the subject of the research, the author uses the method of formal logic. The novelty of the research is caused by the fact that the author analyzes the current state of funding Russia's research institutions. She underlines that Russia's business sector should pay a bigger role in funding researches carried out by research institutions. The author also emphasizes the need to raise up a detailed special purpose funding of research institutions. Search for new ways to compensate for research costs apart from the federal budget is also an important and topical issue. The current system that unites research institutions based on their territorial attribute is contradictory and ineffective because research institutions of different majors do not have so many crossing points and interaction of their researchers is difficult. 
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