Электронный журнал Финансы и управление - №2 за 2013 г - Содержание, список статей. ISSN: 2409-7802 - Издательство NotaBene
Finance and Management
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Contents of Issue № 02/2013
On the history of financial law
Efremova T.A. - Tax administration in Russia: Preconditions of Formation and Features of Functioning pp. 1-23


Abstract: Steady functioning of national economy in many respects depends on management of the taxation system which is determined by the character and tasks of tax policy at a corresponding stage of development. The author of the article considers stages of formation and development of tax administration in Russia: the 1st stage lasted since the end of the IX century until the first half of the XVII century; the 2d stage lasted since the second half of the XVII century untill 1916; the 3d stage lasted since 1917 until 1991; the 4th stage lasted since 1991 to the present day. Features are revealed and the description of the basic events at each stage is described. The special attention is paid at the development of the tax administration institution during the Post-Soviet period: problems of tax administration are researched and so are its social and economic maintenance and features of modern changes. The periods of tax administration in the Russian Federation are defined. The interrelation between organizational transformation of taxing authorities and transformation of the tax administration institution is proved. Directions of development of tax administration taking into account the world theory and taxation practice are proved.
Legal regulation of taxation
Aguzarova F.S. - Some Questions of Modernization of Taxation System in the Russian Federation pp. 24-44


Abstract: The problem of transformation of taxes in the Russian Federation has always had a place and are particularly stood at the present time. This is due to the introduction of a new tax on luxury, as well as with the idea of merging the two taxes: the tax on property of physical persons and the land tax unified tax on real estate. The author examines the problems of reforming the tax system from the point of view of social protection of citizens, proving the need to maintain the territorial budgets with the help of the increase of tax revenues.This scientific publication should be addressed not only from a theoretical point of view, but also as a possible recommendations in the sphere of formation of tax equity.It is possible to use the proposals of the author of the legislative bodies of the Russian Federation.The author is clearly made conclusions on this issue, pointing to their prompt introduction into practical activity.
Tadtaeva V.V. - Advantages and Disadvantages of Expected Property Tax pp. 45-50


Abstract: Reformatin of taxation system have been always important issuse in the Russian Federation and today it is growing even more important due to new taxes introduced by the government. One of the expected state taxes to be introduced is the property tax that would combine the two local taxes, income tax and land tax. The author studies problems of reformation of taxation system in terms of citizens' social security and proves the need in supporting local budgets by increasing tax revenues. The present article contains not only theoretical statements but also recommendations that can be used in the process of formation of tax justice. The author's recommendations can be also used by legislative authorities of the Russian Federation.  
Foreign exchange market, currency and banking
Chkhutiashvili L.V. - Russian Сommercial Banks Under Current Conditions: Main Areas of Quality Improvement and Development Prospects pp. 51-76


Abstract: The article is devoted to weaknesses and prospects of development of the Russian commercial banks under current conditions of anti-crisis support of the Russian banking system by the Central Bank of Russia. The key to successful bankig strategy is good bussiness practice, minimization of bank expenses, formation of a package of favorable offers to customers, active effective communication policy on promotion of the bank and its services. Comparing the range of banking services which are today offered to customers by the Russian banks, to what is typical for banks in the countries with the developed market economy where by different estimates customers receive from several hundred to several thousand services, once can imagine what tremendous work banks should develop to improve their activity as the market is formed and developed.  Under the conditions of preparation of a national financial system for a full-scale inclusion into the world market within the WTO and the increase in the competition in the financial capital market of Russia results in need to look for new sources of development for the majority of large and average banks. It applies  to both domestic and foreign banks operating in the territory of the country.
Financial control and audit
Ermakova M.S. - Peculiarities of Formation of Accounting Policy for the Purpose of Taxation of the Agricultural Holding pp. 77-105


Abstract: The author of the article offers a definition of agricultural holding and defines the role of accounting policy at agricultural companies. The author also provides the definition of accounting policy for taxation purposes and describes the main goals and tasks to be solved when developing accounting policy for taxation purposes. The author describse the main problems that may arise in the process and describes tax relations between holing companies and budget. She analyzes particular aspects of accounting policy related to corporate tax, value added tax and property tax as well as special taxation schemes such as taxation of agricultural producers (unified agricultural tax), simplified tax system and using single tax on imputed earnings for particular activities of agricultural holding. At the end of the article the author makes practical recommendations on developing accounting policy for the purpose of taxation of companies included in the agricultural holding.
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