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This issue is currently being formed. All articles presented on this page have already been included in this issue, are considered published, and will remain unchanged in the final version of the issue along with other metadata of the articles.
Contents of Issue № 04/2016
Makhina L.A. - pp. 1-10


Suvorova N.N. - The morphological content of advertising slogans
in the field of education
pp. 11-16


Abstract: The article is devoted to the study of text ad from the point of view of morphology of the Russian language. The addressing this subject due to the possibility of considering an extensive language material of interest to the advertising from the point of view of the Russian language and the lack of research in this area. This article describes an independent part of speech, peculiarities of their use and the frequency of use in advertising slogans representing educational services. During the analysis of promotional material of the education sector revealed that such parts of speech as noun, adjective and verb are more common than others. Nouns with inherent information content to perform their basic function in the is a nomination and win first place. Verbs give momentum advertising slogan, attract and hold the attention of the consumer, adjectives adorn the advertising message konkretisiert service. In advertising they are used almost with the same frequency. Other parts of speech: the name of the numeral, the pronoun and the adverb is less common, but carry out not less important function: the indication of the advertised product, the specification of the services, the predominance of the advertised sign. The article also describes an independent part of speech, which is education, hardly used. The theoretical material is illustrated with bright slogans representing the educational services of our country.
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