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Occasional synonymic rows in the poetry of Âşık Ömer

Abliametova Susanna Marlenovna

lecturer of the Department of Crimean Tatar and Turkish Language Studies at Crimean University of Engineering and Teaching

295000, Russia, respublika Krym, g. Simferopol', per. Uchebnyi, 8

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Kadyrova Urie Refatovna

Junior Scientific Associate, National Research Institute of Crimean Tatar Philology, History and Culture of Crimean Ethnoses

295000, Russia, respublika Krym, g. Simferopol', per. Uchebnyi, 8




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Contributing to accuracy of the phrase of one or another meaning, synonyms enrich the literary language and enhance its expressiveness. The goal of this work consists in examination of the occasional synonymy in the poetic texts of Âşık Ömer. The article offers the original synonymy of the poet. The author describes the occasional use of lexemes and their synonyms in the usual meaning. Literary language most accurately reflects the authorial individuality. Fictional texts feature imagery and emotional coloring. Synonyms serve as the means for conveying the richness of artistic language. It is worth noting that namely synonyms describe the author’s signature style; emphasis is placed on the occasional lexis. The problem of synonymy, or selection of most suitable words and expressions for a given situation, which most vividly characterize a particular phenomenon of the surrounding reality, has always been one of the crucial problems of lexicology. One of the least developed sections of synonymy is occasional synonymy. Even though some word and phrases in their dictionary meaning do not have synonymic ties, the can become such based on the context. Usage of occasional synonyms in a literary text allows the author to incarnate the concept more vividly, reflect the emotional coloring of his idea, and reveal the character of the heroes. The phenomenon of occasional synonymy is based on the fact that the word acquires a new, contextual meaning; in other words, the problem of occasional synonymy is inseparable from the question on the meaning of the word.

Keywords: dominant, poetry, occasional synonymy, synonymic row, lexeme, Crimean Tatar language, synonymy, language, speech, context
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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