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The origins of theoretical comprehension of adjective as a part of speech

Asanova Zera

PhD in Philology

Associate Professor of the Department of Crimean Tatar and Turkish Language Studies at Crimean University of Engineering and Teaching

295000, Russia, respublika Krym, g. Simferopol', ul. Per.uchebnyi, 8

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The subject of this article is the examination theoretical approaches towards studying adjective as a part of speech, since the description of this lexical and grammatical group in the Crimean Tatar linguistics is incomplete. The aim goal consists in tracing the origins of theoretical comprehension of adjective as an independent part of speech. This linguistic research is based on the descriptive method. Methodological framework is comprised of the fundamental writing of prominent scholars: O. Jespersen, A. Potebnja, V. V. Vinogradov, A. M. Shcherbak, D. N. Shmelyov, and others. As a result, it was determined that the the word is attributed to a particular part of speech is in accordance with the scripted rules introduced by the linguists in the past. Languages and methods of their research have undergone significant changes. Accentuation of adjective among the parts of speech was related to the logical separation of the characteristic of thing from itself, on the level of understanding self-sufficiency of the characteristic as an empirical phenomenon, and the existence of special adjective words as names of quality. The acquired results and materials can be applied in basic and specialized educational courses on theoretical and practical grammar of the modern Crimean Tatar language in the section of “Morphology”.

Keywords: Indo-European linguistics, attributive-predicative function, feature, quality, property, lexical and grammatical categories, part of speech, adjective, agglutinative languages, Crimean Tatar language
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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