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Rhythmic semantic structures of the “particular-universal” in the lyrics of the author song and their search algorithms

Zipunov Andrey

Postgraduate student, the department of History of Journalism and Literature, A. S. Griboedov Institute of International Law and Economics

111024, Russia, g. Moscow, shosse Entuziastov, 21

Valganov Sergei Vladimirovich

Senior Scientific Associate, Independent Nonprofit Organization "Megalithic Club"

117292, Russia, g. Moscow, pr-t Nakhimovskii, 52/27




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Publish date:



Cultural phenomena and their correlation with social processes spark specific scientific interest. One of such cultural trends is the author song of the 1950s – 1980s, which became the subject to this research. Adequate interpretation of the content of compositions and their connection with public life requires a particular toolset, especially due to the fact that some texts contain interesting semantic structures. In reading the lyrics, the alternation of fragments with opposite meanings was revealed. Generalization of these meanings to abstract concepts demonstrates that they comprise a semantic rhythm. One of such rhythmic structures consists in rotation of the particular and the universal. This article describes and formalizes the algorithm that resembles the principle of LR (k)-analyzer of context-free grammars, which was used for the analysis of two author songs:  “Ten Stars” by A. Krupp and “Romance of the Old Age” by A. Sukhanov based on the poetry of Omar Khayyám. In the indicated compositions, the author revealed common structures in form of the particular-universal rhythm and the motive of coping, as well as certain structural peculiarities. The songs under review differ in the degree of expression of dialectical contradiction of the “particular” and the “universal”. They also vary in the forms of translation of this semantic rhythm: through non-overlapping sets, additional orthographic dimensions, or storyline expansion on space-time scale.

Keywords: Aron Krupp, spacetime, author’s song, structural analysis, poetry, context-free grammar, semiotics, semantic rhythm, Alexander Sukhanov, Omar Khayam
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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