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The role of interlinear in literary translation: syntactic aspect (on the example of the novel by E. P. Neimokhov)

Varlamova Anna-Saidyyna Vasil'evna

Senior educator, the department of Stylistics of Yakut Language and Russian-Yakut Translation, Ammosov North-Eastern Federal University

677027, Russia, respublika Sakha (yakutiya), g. Yakutsk, ul. Ostrovskogo, 6, kv. 42

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The language of fiction literature, language of the classics of national literature, prominent prose writers is the primary source for studying literary language. This article examines the role of interlinear in literary translation and the translation equivalents of complex sentences in the Yakut and Russian languages on the example of the novel “Alampa” by Egor Petrovich Neimokhov in two volumes. The subject of this research is complex sentences in the Yakut and Russian languages. Special attention is given to finding equivalents in translation of complex sentences in the Yakut and Russian languages on  the syntactic level language, as well as to determination of the role of interlinear in fiction literature. Yakut linguistics has started to study the stylistics of Yakut language, while the lexical, morphological, and syntactic stylistics is in its inception stage. The works of researchers dedicated to the syntax of Yakut language cover the questions of syntactic transformations using the example of attributive constructions (Vasilieva, 2002) and syntactic transformations of one-member sentences (Atakova, 2007). There are no special works dedicated to the analysis of complex sentences in fiction texts in the Yakut-Russian translation. This raises the need for studying the equivalents of complex sentences in interlinear translation, and its role in literary translation. The following conclusions were made: 1) the content of complex sentences in the Russian language usually correspond to the such in the Yakut language, although they differ significantly in structure; 2) in both languages, the semantic meanings of complex sentences are expressed through various means that reflect the peculiarities of non-cognate languages, however, separate equivalents are determined among such constructions; 3) in interlinear and literary translation, complex sentences of the Yakut text are preserved in the Russian language for the most part. Thus, interlinear translation plays the role of intermediary translation and directly affects the translation result.

Keywords: Syntax, Yakut literature, imaginative literature, Russian-Yakut translation, Yakut-Russian translation, Literary translation, Interlinear translation, translation, Complex sentence, Difficult sentence
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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Neimokhov E.P. Alampa: roman: 2 kinigeleekh.-D'okuuskai: Bichik, 2006. – 270 s
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