Статья 'Особенности функционирования концепта «справедливость» в значении «закон» в речи современных политиков в английских и русских публицистических текстах' - журнал 'Litera' - NotaBene.ru
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The peculiarities of functionality of the concept of “justice” in the meaning of “law” in the speech of modern politicians in the English and Russian publicistic texts

Shatilova Lyubov' Mikhailovna

Doctor of Philology

Professor, the department of Germanic Studies and Linguodidactics, Moscow City Teacher's Training University

142611, Russia, Moskovskaya oblast', g. Orekhovo-Zuevo, ul. Zelenaya, 22, of. 2

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Potashova Anastasiya Aleksandrovna

Postgraduate student, the department of Germanic Studies and Linguodidactics, Moscow City Teachers' Training University

105064, Russia, g. Moscow, ul. Malyi Kazennyi Per, 5B, kab. 511

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The goal of this work consists in the semantic analysis of synonymic rows of the concept of “justice” in the meaning of “law” in the speech of modern politicians in English and Russian publicistic texts. The subject of this research is the semantics of lexemes representing the concept of justice in the meaning of “law” in the speech of English and Russian politicians. Relevance of this work is defined by fact that the problems of comparative analysis of the concept of “justice” and its notional component based on the material of English and Russian publicistic texts remain poorly studied in the comparative linguistics. The scientific novelty lies in the attempt of comparative analysis of notional component of the synonyms of core lexemes “law” and its Russian equivalent in publicistic texts in the speech of modern politicians. In the English and Russian languages, the concept of “justice” implies honesty, law, objectivity, and truth. This article presents a comparative analysis of synonyms of the concept of justice in the meaning of “law”. As a result, the author determined the equivalent lexemes that represents the concept of “law” in English and Russian languages, and carried out semantic analysis of these lexemes in publicistic texts in the speech of modern politicians in Russian and English languages. It was revealed that law mostly reflects legal nature and means the rule that is used to determine the pattern of social behavior; an adopted principle, decree or instruction that establishes certain order; a legal act, principles, regulations set by law; a draft law submitted for the approval of legislative branches; a formal order. It can also define moral behavior in the society and signify the rule of moral conduct

Keywords: publicistic text, politician, synonym, lexeme, law, justice, concept, comparative method, semantic analysis, right
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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