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Brightness as a significant component of the verbs of lexical-semantic group “fluorescence”

Avdeeva Mariya Denisovna

External Doctoral Candidate, Moscow Region State University

143040, Russia, Moskovskaya oblast', g. Golitsyno, ul. Zavodskoi Prospekt, 12




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The author meticulously examines such aspects of the topic as the phenomenon of light in language based on the analysis of definitions and contexts of employment of verbs in the lexical-semantic group “Fluorescence”. The article analyzes the verb lexical units that convey the meaning of bright fluorescence in the English and Russian languages. These are the verbs for steady-state fluorescence; verbs for a single-stage brief light effect; and verbs designating multiple manifestation of bright light. The study of factual material is carried out with the use of a set of methods and approaches, including the analysis of dictionary definitions and components analysis. The basic verbs for designation of fluorescence and components of their meanings are determined in the lexical meanings of verbs of Russian and English languages. The main components indicate the capability to radiate light, capability to reflect light, degree of intensity of radiance, combination of light and shine, inconsistency or consistency of manifestation of indication. The novelty of this work consists in the examination of peculiarities of objectification of the phenomenon of light in the English and Russian languages; as well as in the proof that the idea of bright fluorescence is significantly reflected in linguocultural knowledge, since this component of meaning is established in majority of verbs designating light. The specificity of this component is defined by the fact that “high intensity of radiance” intersects with other components of meaning, and slightly depends on capability of an object to radiate or reflect light.

Keywords: light, lingo-culture, conceptualization, component analysis, meaning, lexical-semantic group, verb, fluorescence, brightness, language
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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