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Peculiarities and main characteristics of the legal English language

Kurchinskaya-Grasso Natalia

International Law Scholar, Grasso Law Firm (Italy – Russia)

90046, Italiya, g. Monreale, ul. Xvi Marzo, 18

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This article examines the peculiarities of the legal English language as the object of translation studies. Currently, English language is dominant in international relations and business, and plays a significant role as legal language within the European Union. Legal English is a global phenomenon. This style of English language is used by the lawyers and other legal experts in their work. In the conditions of globalization of English language, it is necessary to be scrupulous about translation of the legal English in order to avoid inaccuracies in the entire system of international law. Therefore, the goal of this article consists in consideration of the unique characteristics of legal English associated with its origin, terminology, linguistic structure, linguistic peculiarities, and punctuation. The work employs descriptive method, comparative method, and method of applied comparative jurisprudence. The conclusion is made that legal English developed under the influence of languages previously used in the legal system, which is reflected in modern legal terminology and linguistic structure of the legal English language and requires attention in translation. Taking into account the aforementioned peculiarities would be of much help the legal translator in working with legal texts in English language.

Keywords: legal terms, English, english legal terminology, Legal English, legal translator, legal translation, legalese, legal documents, legal texts, translation problems
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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