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Modeling of conceptual metaphor in the poetic discourse (based on the poetry of L. Cohen)

Sychugova Larisa Alekseevna

PhD in Philology

Associate Professor of the Department of Linguistics and Translation Studies at Surgut State University

628408, Russia, Yugra avtonomnyi okrug, g. Surgut, ul. 30-Let pobedy, 60, kv. 52

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Evlasev Aleksandr Petrovich

PhD in Philosophy

Docent, the department of Linguistics and Translation Studies, Surgut State University

628406, Russia, Tyumenskaya oblast', g. Surgut, ul. Lenina, 1, of. 414




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This article is dedicated to examination of the poetic discourse in cognitive linguistics, as well as consideration of the problem of modeling of conceptual metaphor based on the poetry of L. Cohen in the period from 1976 to 2016. It is also relevant to explore the cognitive metaphorical system of such type of discourse. The article contains the analysis of modeling of the conceptual metaphor on the grounds of the most frequent spheres-sources and most common to them spheres-objectives in the poetry of L. Cohen, which allows determining the individual peculiarities of the poetic style of L. Cohen. The works of G. Lakoff, M. Johnson, V. A. Maslova, Z. D. Popova, I. A. Sterin served as methodological framework for this research. The scientific novelty is defined by the fact that in the poetic discourse metaphor manifests as a crucial means for the creation of original images that reflect the author’s poetic outlook language picture of the world juxtaposed to the everyman’s worldview. Poetry of L. Cohen represents unique source of metaphors for studying the cultural concepts of modernity. The application of contemporary theories allows determining the individualism of his poetic style. The exploration of linguistic distinctness of his poetry provides interesting material for consideration of language and ethnic pictures of the world.

Keywords: conceptual spheres, language phenomenon, sphere-target, sphere-source, metaphorical modeling, conceptual metaphor, poetic discourse, cognitive linguistics, language picture of the world, poetic style
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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