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Intercontextuality of units in poetic text as a means of actualization of dynamics of their semantic complex (on the material of the Emily Dickinson poem УI died for beauty but was scaresФ)
Sergodeev Il'ya Vitalevich

PhD in Philology

Docent, the department of Philosophy and Linguistics, Snezhinsk Physics and Technology Institute of the National Research Nuclear University MEPhI ((Moscow Engineering Physics Institute)

456776, Russia, Chelyabinskaya oblast', g. Snezhinsk, ul. Komsomol'skaya, 8 a/ya 911



This article examines the intercontextual type of intertextual interaction as a reverse, counterposing to intertextual type of interaction form of context-semantic exchange of units of poetic text, leading to poly-interpretativeness of the work in question. The author delineates and defines the concepts of Intertextuality and Intercontextuality, denotes their key functions, isolates their functional units. The object of this research is the poetic text. The subject is the functional units. The aim of this work is to research the context-semantic exchange of units of the poetic text, leading to dynamics of their semantic complex or poly-interpretativeness. The scientific novelty of this research consists in the discussion, outlining and comparison of the basic features of intertextual and intercontextual types of intertextual interaction. The results of the conducted research demonstrate that with semiotic interaction of units of the poetic text, we can observe not only the exchange of their meanings, but also contexts that form these meanings. Intercontextual interaction of the units of this poetic text with identical units of poetic texts of William Shakespeare and John Kits gives a new, not defined directly in the “I died for beauty…” poem theme of love, which opens additional versions of reading of this work. The results acquired in the course of this research impart contribution into the theory of intertextuality and interpretation of text.  

Keywords: meaning, intextuality, semantic complex, dynamics, multi-interpretation, intertextuality, intercontextuality, context, poetic text, semantization



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This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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