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Portuguese Future in Portuguese Grammatical Essays of the XIXth - XXth Centuries

Egizaryan Pavel Eduardovich

post-graduate student of the Department of Roman Language Studies at Lomonosov Moscow State University

119991, Russia, g. Moscow, ul. Leninskie Gory, 1, str. 51




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The object of the research is interpretation of the grammar of the future tense in the Portuguese language in grammatical essays of the XIX-XXth centuries. Three essays were written in the genre of neogrammatism before 1910 and three were created in the genre of structuralism after 1970. The subject of the research is the prospect of the views on overall linguistic issues of the tense category (three-part structure and egocentricism of the temporal indicator, close connection between expression of the future tense and modality) as well as topical issues of the Portuguese language (expression of modality meanings by certain temporal forms and vice versa, common use of the periphrastic future and specific features of its semantics). The research was based on the contrast comparison of data from grammatical descriptions in the Portuguese language of the XIX and XX centries. The main conclusion of the research is that already in the first half of the XIXth century grammar experts viewed the future tense as a complex phenomenon and described it taking into account not only temporality but also modality and pragmatic meaning of words (even though they made at a rather basic level). Grammar experts of the second half of the XXth century investigated problems that had been already raised before but did it with more diligence. The new aspect was their detailed analysis of the future periphrase ir+Inf. 

Keywords: history of linguistics, modality, temporality, future tense, tense, temporal deixis, Portuguese, Portuguese grammars, neogrammatism, structuralism
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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