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The Road Theme as the Source of Metaphoric Expansion in Political Reporting of German Printing Media

Tadzhibova Aksana Narullachovna

PhD in Philology

senior lecturer of the Department of the of Linguistics and Translation Studies at Surgut State University

628412, Russia, g. Surgut, ul. Lenina, 1

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Bykova Liudmila Vladimirovna

PhD in Philology

Associate Professor of the Department of Linguistics and Translation Studies at Surgut State University

628412, Russia, Khanty-Mansiiskii avtonomnyi okrug, g. Surgut, ul. Lenina, 1




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The subject of the resear is the metaphors with the 'Road' theme used in the German printing media when describing an attempt to create a coalition called “Jamaica”, suggesting the union of three parliamentary parties, the CDU / CSU, the SPD and the Union 90 / Greens. The object of research is the media discourse presented by online publications in current German-language publications Deutsche Welle, Tagesspiegel for the period from 08.09.2017 to 30.12.2017. Particular attention is paid to the design function of the media discourse. The deciphering of language signs used by media text authors when describing political negotiations to create the Jamaica coalition in Germany suggests embellishment and imposition of a point of view, a reflection of a political event and the constructivist function of media discourse creating one or another image. An analysis of media texts showed the importance of using metaphoric nominations with the path-road theme in mass media discourse, requiring cognitive interpretation techniques necessary to understand the process of creating a coalition unfolding and evolving in the global media discourse. Images of paths and roads are associated with changes in the inner world of a person, reflecting inner experiences, transformations, entering a new world opening in a new place, and provide opportunities for obtaining new impressions and meanings. Specifying and ordering a political event, media texts actualize metaphors with the image of the road where an object is perceived as a road, difficulties that arise are obstacles on the way, and participants  are travelers or means of transport. 

Keywords: archetype, Jamaica coalition, conceptualization, political discourse, metaphorical model, media discourse of Germany, metaphor, lifecycle metaphor, route, constructivist function
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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