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Sources of Alejandro Casona's Individual Author's Style
Shchepalina Vera

post-graduate student of the Department of Ibero-Roman Language Studies at Lomonosov Moscow State University, lecturer of the Department of Roman Languages at All-Russian Acacemy of Foreign Trade

119991, Russia, g. Moskva, gsp-1, ul. Leninskie Gory, d. 1, str. 51, filologicheskii fakul'tet

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The object of the resaerch is an individual author's style of a Spanish playwright Alejandro Casona. The subject of the research is the process of Alejandro Casona developing his author's style. The author of the article analyzes the factors that influenced the process such as facts of Casona's biography (his childhood in Asturias, work as a country teacher, participation in Teachers' missions, career as a screenwriter) as well as global literary process that were ongoing back in those times (reformation of the style of the representatives of the 98s, movement of Spanish modernism and new drama, influence of impressionism on literature). In her research Schepalina applied biographical, psychological, comparative methods, stylistic analysis as well as observation, generalisation and description. The scientific novelty of the research is caused by the fact that there are no major researches devoted to Casona in Russin academic literature. The present research gives an insight into sources of the playwright's artistic style and thus makes a contribution to understanding the literary process in Spain of the 20th century. The illustrations provided by the author allow to prove theoretical concepts offered by the researcher. 

Keywords: Azorín, Valle Inclán, Spanish modernism, literary method, individual author's style, Spanish theatre, Alejandro Casona, new drama, epithet, poetic sign



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This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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