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The Labour Theme in the Kumyk Literature: Peculiarities of Artistic Presentation

Guseinov Malik Alievich

Doctor of Philology

Head of the department of Literature, Tsadass Institute of Language, Literature and Arts of Dagestan Research Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences 

367025, Russia, respublika Dagestan, g. Makhachkala, ul. M. Gadzhieva,, 45, kab. 201

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The subject of the research is Kumyk post-war prose, in particular, the works of such famous Kumyk and Dagestan authors as Atkai, M.-S. Yahyaev, I. Kerimov, and others. The object of the research is the "labour" theme in national prose, the peculiarities of its artistic embodiment. The author examines such aspects of the problem as the influence of extra-literary, ideological factors on the development of the topic of production in Soviet literature in general and in the national literature in particular, on the basis of the concepts of contemporary Russian literature, notes the positive and negative aspects of such influences on the artistic process. At the same time, attention is focused on the fact that the positive national literature has provided the actualization of the “production” theme in the postwar period, in 1945-1955. Particular attention is paid to the innovative quest of Kumyk authors, identifies the characteristic features, the poetics of the works. Research methods are analytical, comparative, cultural and historical. The research methodology is based on modern scientific developments devoted to Soviet literature, the literature of socialist realism, primarily those belonging to the IMLI scholar. The novelty of the research lies in the fact that the holistic study of Kumyk post-war prose in this article is carried out for the first time. One of the main conclusions is that during this period the official ideology made a certain “order” to depict the theme of production, which led to the creation of large-scale works in the national literature, with a wide reproduction of national life, with highlighting the national essence of images. In addition, in the studied literature there is a turn towards the lyricization of subject-object relations, moral issues, etc., which is also revealed and argued for the first time in this article.

Keywords: poetics, image, labor, production, the story, post-war period, Kumyk literature, new reading, national originality, evolution
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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