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Verbalization Intertextuality in Journalistic Discourse
Deminova Marina Aleksandrovna

PhD in Philology

associate professor of the Department of Theory and Practice of Journalism at Altai State University

656049, Russia, Altai Region, Barnaul, Lenin's str., 61


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The article deals with the question of how the verbalization of intertextuality in journalistic discourse on electronic media material Lenta.ru. In modern Russian philology observed flash of interest in the study of intertextual relations. This is no accident. Scientific interest is due to public requests. Language responds to changes in the discursive behavior of society. Modern discourse is filled with fragments of other people's texts of different degrees of severity. There is a compilation of texts and understanding different cultures, nostalgic experience of the texts of the previous era. The article presents a linguistic analysis of the ways of expressing precedent phenomena in journalistic materials Russian publication Lenta.ru. The paper identified ways of verbalization of intertextuality in journalistic discourse. The publication Lenta.ru materials are widely used as an objective expert opinion for the consideration of the topic, and intertextual signs for evaluation and imaging. Most of the citations related to the verbal level, as they contain an indication of the source citation. Cognitive-verbal level also mastered editions of journalists. Most used precedent phenomena is canonized, that is used sources that specifically studied the man. They used all kinds of precedent phenomena: texts, statements, situation names. However, they are rarely analytic transformation, mainly semantic. Sometimes the transformation is not happening at all, then there is only one layer of meaning.

Keywords: precedential saying, precedential text, precedential phenomena, methods verbalization of intertextuality., intertextual dialogic communication, precedential name, journalistic discourse, intertextuality, precedential situation, meaning



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This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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