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Metaphorical Modeling of the Concept of Religion in Alexander Doronin's Novel The Shadow of the Bells

Vodyasova Liubov Petrovna

Doctor of Philology

professor of the Department of Native Language and Literature at Mordivian State Pedagogical Institute named after Makar Evseviev

430033, Russia, respublika Mordoviya, g. Saransk, ul. Volgogradskaya, 106 /1, kv. 29






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Abstract: The subject of analysis is the concept of religion which represents the problem of man's self-consciousness and his place in society. This is one of the most important concepts in the linguistic world-view of almost any nation because, in spite of the general level of religiosity, people practice different kinds of confessions. It is also one of the most complex concepts due to its contradictory nature and theological orientation because not only representatives of different linguistic communities, but also bearers of the same culture who follow different confessions, for example, may have different attributes of the aforesaid concept. Due to the enormous differential field of the concept, the article considers the representation of the concept “religion” basing on the novel by A.M. Doronin “The Shadow of the bells”. Research objectives: 1) to define of lexical units Corps-religionims, used by the author for the category of sacred objects, and classify them by thematic groups; 2) to selected of among lexical units to identify those with metaphoric values; 3) to installe of contexts, that reveal the nature of metaphorical concept. As a method of research was defined based on the descriptive observation of religionims and their functioning in certain contexts. Based on our investigation we concluded that, A.M. Doronin embodies the Orthodox world-view. The basic concept is getting the concept of "religion", which feature is its metaphorical notion that finds its linguistic confirmation text works. A characteristic feature of the language of the work is the presence of a large number of religionyms associated with the people’s life (rituals, prayer, fasting, religious holidays). Among the most significant substantive components of concept 10 contexts. They contain emotional, aesthetic and artistic elements, are a testament to the metaphorical concept, its contents can be stated as an objective individual and collective spiritual relationship of God and man, based on faith in God and man worship him. 

Keywords: Orthodox world-view, emotional, representation of the concept, context, religionym, concept, spirituality, concept of religion, thematic groups of religionyms, metaphorical modeling
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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