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Ontological Aspects of Aesthetic Experience (or About the Four Lines Written by Rainer Maria Rilke)

Chernenko Vladimir Aleksandrovich

PhD in Philosophy

Associate professor of the Department of Philosophy and Political Studies at Kharkiv National University of Economics

61157, Ukraine, g. Khar'kov, ul. Ak. Bogomol'tsa, 41

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Object of research are ontologic aspects which prove in esthetic experience, define and fund it. Acts as object of research - esthetic experience. The special attention is paid to philosophy of the antique thinker Heraclitus Ephesius and its explications in analytics of life of M. Heidegger. As illustrative material the author of article took four final lines of the poem of R. M. Rilke "In monastic corridors of Loretto" on the example of which attempt of phenomenological identification of ontologic bases of a source of art creation is given. The methodology of research leans on a method of philosophical phenomenology, a hermeneutics and fundamental analytics of life in its Heidegger's option. During research the author comes to conclusions that the esthetics is a science about such experience of development of reality which is based on contemplation or expression in sensually perceived form of the absolute values which aren't giving in to adequate verbal expression, but shown to the subject in experience or participation to completeness of life. Or: the esthetics is a science about harmony of the person with the Universum. It is science about primary reality to us the World (contemplation discretion). The beauty gives life undertaking strength "Da Budet!" and end purpose "It is good …". Balancing between accident and need, isolation and openness, possible and impossible, final and infinite, single and general – the beauty is a call, an appeal to overcoming of a statics. In fine the person feels accepted in whole in the unostentatious importance; exempted from own need of; in opportunity to be other; without "therefore" and "why"; comprehensive clemency when nothing is excluded (even ugly).

This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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