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"From Pindemonte" in the Passion Plot of the Kamennoostrovsky Cycle

Naumenko Galina

Doctor of Philosophy

lecturer of the Department of Foreign Languages at Educational Center, St. Petersburg

197022, Russia, Saint Petersburg, str. Kamennoostrovsky Prospect, 65






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The poem "From Pindemonte" ("I cheap appreciate the loud rights..."), entering the Kamennoostrovsky cycle under figure VI, is considered in the present article as the poetic statement of Pushkin in the context of the cycle answering to Mickiewicz his poetic cycle "Fragment" (UstCp). The research objective consists in detection of "mitskevichsky implication" and in the literary analysis of the poem from the point of view of Pushkin's dialogue dispute with Mickiewicz on a way from slavery to Freedom in Christ. Therefore an object of research is "mitskevichsky implication" as the main key to reading of the poem. In article an attempt of interpretation of conceptual sense of the title "From the [VI] Pindemonte" in the Passionate plot of a "evangelical" cycle is made. The used method of "fixed reading" and the analysis of intertekstualny dialogue of two national poets relies on close semantic connections between the Kamennoostrovsky cycle and "Fragment". The Kamennoostrovsky cycle is the second and finishing part of "a spiritual cycle" of Pushkin in which Christ's Passions and mercy are opposed to apocalyptic Christianity with a social orientation. The title "From the [VI] Pindemonte" has character of the cryptogram. Through figure VI the poem is correlated with Passionate Saturday, in the afternoon "Christ's descents in a hell", and marks a spirit victory over the death predicted to the tsar's singers by the Polish poet prophet. To poems of "Fragment" the use of such words by Pushkin as "joker" and "taxes" is explained by Intertekstualny sendings.

This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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