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Means of Expressing the Modal Form of Possibility in the Persian Language

tayebianpour Ferial

PhD in Philology

associate professor of the Department of the English Language at Isfahan University

Department of Foreign Languages at Isfahan State University8174673441

Valipour Alireza

PhD in Philology

associate professor of the Department of the Russian Language and Literature at University of Tehran

Department of the Russian Language and Literature at University of Tehran




Review date:


Publish date:



In Russian modal opportunities value, still draws attention of the Russian linguists and researchers. This concept, undoubtedly, contacts not one language unit, and the whole statement. As existence of the statement without embodiment of its ultimate goal – communications – doesn't make sense, definition of possible means for knowledge and understanding of the statement in each language deserves special attention. The special characteristic of modal opportunities value, its communication with logical concepts of reality and unreality, its ability in representation of various language means of expression in any language, draw attention to this subject not only the Russian linguists, but also linguists of the whole world. In this article lexical and grammatical means of expression of modal value of opportunity in the Persian language are considered. This consideration is made on the basis of the dissertation work comparing these means in the Russian and Persian languages. For writing of the thesis relating to article methods of consideration of scientific sources, the comparative and comparative analysis of the Russian and Persian offers in the sphere of functional grammar were used. Novelty of this work consists in primary consideration of means of expression of the concept "opportunities" of the Persian language. In initial work this consideration took place taking into account the approaches accepted in the Russian linguistics for definition of these lexical and grammatical means. As a result we found important and common lexical and grammatical means of expression of value of opportunity in the Persian language.

This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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