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'The Rose of the World' as a Philosophical Issue

Mielkov Yurii

PhD in Philosophy

student for a doctor's degree of the Department of Philosophy and Methodology of Science at Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv

01033, Ukraine, Kiev, ul. Vladimirskaya 60




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Daniil Leonidovich Andreyev's creative work is a unique phenomenon of the Russian and not only the Russian culture of the XX century. Now its research, as a rule, or is limited to the philological party of a question, or serves as a studying subject as one of forms of religious creativity in the spirit of "New Age". However only the philosophical analysis can provide complete and substantial consideration of "A world rose" as project which includes at the same time both literary, and profestichesky, and socio-political aspects. The philosophy practically has no methodology of research mystical (or pseudo-mystical) experience, however, in article is applied рациональныйи germenevtichesky approach to studying of "A world rose". Daniil Andreyev's creativity is quite capable to act as a subject of the versatile philosophical analysis. The idea of "A world rose" as future interreligiya is capable to appear before the modern researcher as a being self-disproved prophecy, as the detailed description of such way of a koevolyution of the world and the person to whom the way alternative was preferred more than half-century ago. The poetic hobby of the author for unfulfilled social and utopian projects has to be not the cause for discredit of its mystical experience, imperfect the verbalization of this experience undertaken by it, but motivation as for serious philosophical research of transphysical and metahistorical ideas of D. L. Andreyev, and in general for studying of essence of mysticism, conceptualization ways теодицеи and findings of the answer to requirement of implementation of optimum arrangement of society of the XXI century. 

Keywords: Daniil Andreev, Roza Mira (The Rose of the World) , mysticism, social utopism, Russian religious philosophy, eschatology, occultism, sectionalism, prophesies of our time, the Third World War
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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