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Economic demography and labor economics
Khusyainov T.M. - Review of the regional labor marker of Greenland: main economic branches and number of employed workers pp. 35-41


Abstract: The object of this research is the regional labor market of Greenland. An attempt is made to analyze the state of the labor market of Greenland in accordance with the data of 2015. The author examines and compares the key branches of national economy and the number of the employed. Separate attention is given to the differences in distribution of workers based on the industry of the economy between the four municipalities of Greenland. In addition, the author considers the territorial distinctions of each municipality and determines the leading industries within. The key method of research lies in the statistical analysis of the data of StatBank Greenland, as well as examination of Denmark’s legislation and the regional normative legal acts of Greenland. Having examined the regional labor market of the autonomous country of Greenland, the author makes a conclusion of the importance of such sectors as public administration and services; fishing, hunting and agriculture; and trade. The author emphasizes the differentiation in economic spheres between the municipalities; each of them has its peculiarities depending of the climatic, geographical, and socioeconomic factors.
Neustroeva A.B., Efimov A.B. - Professional Risks and Labor Safety at Enterprises of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) pp. 35-48


Abstract: The subject of the research is the professional risks and labor safety at enterprises of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). The authors of the article examine such aspects of the topic as the state and problems of labor safety, description of working conditions and professional risks at region's enterprises, industrial injuries and professional mobidity of workers living in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). The authors pay special attention to expert surveys of what causes a high rate of industrial injuries as well as evaluation of changes that have been happening in the system of labor safety over the past 5 years. The main methods of research include statistical analysis and structured expert interview. The research involved 33 managers and labor safety specialists from 8 districts and cities of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). The main conclusion of the research is that despite a decreasing number of labor accidents and fatal accidents in the region, results of analysing of the share of fatal accidents in the overal number of accidents by year demonstrate that the rate of industrial injuries is growing in the republic. 
Tyuleneva T.I., Kurashova E.A. - Current state of labor resources of active working age in the Russian Federation pp. 39-49


Abstract: The subject of this research is the labor resources (employed, unemployed, and persons not in the labor force). The object of this research is the Russian Federation. The article reviews various opinions of the scholars on the concept of “labor resources”. As a result, the authors proposed the original perspective on the concept of labor resources. The article examines the essence of labor resources from the standpoint of national economy, as well as the structure of labor resources. The research materials on the dynamics of labor resources (labor force and persons who in the labor force) for the period from January 2019 to June 2020 are provided. The conclusion is made that the overall dynamics of labor resources of active working age is consistent, despite negative impact of COVID-19 pandemic upon the economy and seasonal (spring-autumn period) fluctuations related to the influx of workers involved in such seasonal activities as agriculture, fishing, mining industry, water and river transport, etc. The acquired data indicate on the possibility of insignificant reduction of labor resources of active working age in July, August and September 2020. The authors forecast the number of labor resources of the active working age for that period.
Dadabaeva Z.A. - Integration Capacities of the Migration Cooperation in Eurasia pp. 40-52


Abstract: The subject of the present research is the analysis of the work migration in the former Soviet republics. The object of the research is the migration processes in terms of the integration choice made by countries. In her research Dadabaeva analyzes the influence of migration processes on the integration of CIS countries and analyzes the causes of a growing flow of work migrants. Special attention is paid to the nature of migratory movements inside the former Soviet republics that are usually due to work migration and present the main argument to expand integration at the account of the countries with ailing economy and a high rate of population increase. The author underlines that international migration exchange in CIS countries has a diverse effect on the political, economic and sociocultural environment in both the countries that receive work migrants and countries work migrants come from. The author demonstrates that this fact determines the future of integration. The methodological basis of the research involves dialectic and systems approaches to analyzing the migration situation in Eurasia. The author has also applied the abstract logical and economic statistical research methods to analyze work migration flows depending on whether it is a donor or recipient country. The author concludes that the efficiency of migration exchange depends on the availability of migrants' equal access to information concerning legal employment in recipient countries. According to the author, if recipient countries start to attract workers according to their professional skills and major, this will decrease tension caused by work migration and reinfoce integration processes. In order to avoid unfair competition on the Russian labour market it is necessary not only to adopt new laws and regulations but also create a regulated 'friendly' environment for entrepreneurs. The scientific novelty of the research is caused by the fact that being a factor for integration processes in Eurasia, interstate migration cooperation has a diverse, differently diferected effect and thus is a contradictory issue in the process of integration. This does not only decrease efficiency of integration processes but also slows down the process of creating a single market of labor. The author of the article emphasizes the need to establish a differentiated approach to migrants coming from CIS countries and countries outside the former Soviet Union. According to the author, supporting national enclaves has a negative effect on adopting cultural standards of a receiving community and may become a great disintegrating factor. 
Shindyapin R.A. - Conceptual aspects of creation of programs of corporate culture for an organization pp. 42-58


Abstract: The article analyzes issues of managing corporate culture. The aim of the article is to realign the theoretical basis for creation of programs of corporate culture for an organization. The subject of analysis is corporate culture of an organization. The object of the analysis is social and economic relations that form in the process of elaboration of corporate culture. The author focuses special attention on widening and broadening the theoretical and methodical basis for working out a more constructive complex of events aimed at developing corporative culture as a condition for successful activity of companies.The methods used by the author are analysis of publications devoted to corporate culture, as well as detecting, on this basis, of conceptual and structural aspects of working out such programs.The conclusions made by the author are that corporate culture creates a foundation for internal and external relations within the organization. Corporative culture of an organization plays the determining role for the creation of stable social relations in this organization, which is a condition of a successful functioning of the organization and a creative evolution of its employees. Thus, formation of a corporate culture is an important sphere of managing activity in the conditions of an innovations-oriented market economy.The novelty of the article and its practical significance is a possibility of using its conclusions and recommendations for stimulation of companies’ corporate culture. The practical results of the author’s research can be used in the activity of enterprises of various branches for working out their own principles and the main directions of development of an enterprise’s corporate culture.
Flerov O.V. - Social-Psychological Description of the English Teachers' Labor Market in Contemporary Russia pp. 45-64


Abstract: Object of research in the offered article is labor market of teachers of English, an object of research – a demand of teachers, requirements to them, and also their behavior on it. The author investigates features of job search and employment of teachers of English in various educational institutions, and also requirements imposed to them in the course of professional activity. The special attention is paid to a problem of the social status of this profession in the conditions of globalization, market economy, and also economic recession in Russia.Method of research of the author in article is the analysis of vacancies on the leading Russian Internet portals on employment (to,,, regarding requirements imposed to teachers and also own experience of teaching English in various educational institutions the Main conclusions of the author of article are reduced to that a demand, employment and financial wellbeing of teachers of English depends first of all on the sphere of additional education and private tutorial services. These spheres were essentially affected by recession of domestic economy that led to that teachers need to adapt even more to work in the context of educational marketing and customer-oriented approach which efficiency from purely pedagogical positions is represented very disputable. Novelty of article consists that labor market is analysed out of a context of economic statistics, and from positions of behavior of the teacher of English on it as his subject.
Kozlova E.I., Novak M.A. - The reflection of demographic factor in regional programs of sustainable development (on the example of Lipetsk Region) pp. 64-79


Abstract: The demographic trends in social development have a basic foundation with regards to any other trends. Therefore, the management solutions aimed at rising birth rate, increasing longevity of life, and optimization of migration flows become an integral part of the federal and regional development strategies. Growing depopulation of the country actualizes studying of the problem of demographic development. The goal consists in substantiation and determination of the problematic aspects in the priority vectors of demographic development and tools of their implementation included into the Strategy of Socioeconomic Development of Lipetsk Region for the period until 2024. Analysis is conducted on the dynamics of demographic processes in Lipetsk Region for the period from 01.01.2017 to 01.01.2019. The author assesses the possibility of achieving target indicators of the regional development strategy by natural decline in population and size of population of Lipetsk Region of working age. The conclusion is substantiated on the inaccurate determination of regional demographic trends by the authorities in the current cycle; weak response to the regional demographic situation by making management decisions. The author proposes to modify the formulation of the goal of development strategy of Lipetsk Oblasts in demographic sphere.
Polyakova Y.M. - Peculiarities of the motivation of crowdsourcer as the basis for increasing work efficiency pp. 96-104


Abstract: The subject of this research is the motivation of employees to increase efficiency of their work. The object of this research is a crowdsourcer as a participant of the crowdsourcing process. Special attention is given to the theories and models of motivation of personnel, as well as factors of motivation of the crowdsourcer that effect the efficiency of their work. The author proposes a model of motivation, which accounts for the aspects of motivation that explain the psychological behavior of the crowdsourcer in the crowdsourcing project. The main conclusion of the conducted research consists in the claim that the current theories and models of personnel motivation are imperfect and need improvement. The author’s contribution to the research of this topic consists in the analysis of the sectors of personnel motivation, their systematization, as well as analysis of factors effecting the motivation of the crowdsourcer and development of a motivation model for the crowdsourcer that would allow assessing the level of motivation of the crowdsourcer for increased efficiency of their work.
Lobova S.V. - Analysis of the impact of settlement of population throughout the territory of a region upon creation of high-tech jobs pp. 105-119


Abstract: The relevance of this topic of research is substantiated by the need for realization of targeted state socioeconomic policies, among which is creation and modernization of high-tech jobs. The subject of this research is the economic relations pertaining to creation of high-tech jobs in a specific area. The hypothesis is the thesis that in the regions with large portion of the population living in the rural area, the number of high-tech jobs cannot be high. The research is based on the results of the analysis of the open data from the Russian Federal State Statistics Service on the number of high-tech jobs. The novelty of this research is confirmed by the author’s view of the research, analysis and assessment of the composition and structure, number and quality of high-tech jobs, as well as factors that impact them. Author’s contribution into this topic consists in establishing the fact that settlement of population in urban and rural territories is not the determining factor for creation and modernization of high-tech jobs, at least not within the framework of the methodology applied by the Russian Federal State Statistics Service.
Rozanova L.I., Potasheva O.V. - The mobility of factors of production in the regions of the North Caucasus Federal District: the impact of the education level, quality of labor resources and economic structure pp. 110-120


Abstract: The subject of this research is dynamic processes in economy of regions of the Northwest federal district and the structure of employment on education level. Economic dynamics affect social dynamics, promoting increase of mobility of factors of production. Researches of mobility of factors of production gain relevance due to high variability of external environment and the need to adapt the subjects of the market. Special attention is given to questions of formation of the educational potential in the conditions of modernization of the economy. The innovative orientation of the economy determines improvement of quality of labor, when not only health of the population, but also and education level becomes the basis of formation of the human capital. The novelty of this research consists in discovery of the change in the trend within the structure of the employed population, which manifested in rapid reduction of the portion of workers with high school education during the period of 2005-2007. It is the period of high investment activity, which caused progressive structural shifts and labor mobility. The personnel with secondary professional education at the growing share with the higher education remain the dominating group in structure of the employed population. Streams of labor migration, especially people with higher education, are focused on the cities with high innovative investment potential.
Dolzhenko R.A. - What the Main Trends in Transformation of Labor Relations System of the Country Lead to: the Precarization or Humanization of Labor? pp. 113-125


Abstract: The subject of the research is the key transformations in the social life that influence the labor relations system. The object of the research is the labor relations system. The purpose of the research is to define key trends in transformation of labor relations system that affect labor actors. The author pays special attention to the factors that may worsen negative trends in the labor relations system such as the demographic crisis, extension of flexible technologies application scope, focus on the industry efficiency, globalization, etc. The author has used abstract logical, structural, functional and comparative analysis. The author has used results of foreign and Russian researches on the problems of developing labor relations system. The author has defined the key factors that influence the transformation of labor relations system and create even more contradictions in the process of developing labor relations system. The author also examines the nature and content of such processes as labor precarization and humanization, defines their particularities and conduct their comparison. At the end of the article the author concludes that the effect of instability is not limited to only employment sphere but affects different sides of social life. Taking into account the aforesaid main trends, the author predicts further growth of precarization of labor relations system.
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