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Regional economy
Solomonov M.P., Turantaev S.G. - Basic Criteria and Factors for Zoning the Arctic Zone of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia) pp. 11-20


Abstract: The object of the research is the differentiation of Russia's populated regions depending on their cost of living which structure has become simpler compared to the Soviet era. Today corporate entities do not take into account locality pays or northern wage rise for arduous working conditions that used to be applicable before. This leads to certain gaps in planning objective causes of the growing cost of living in Arctic and hard-to-read areas. Consequently, there is a need in better methods of analysing factors that increase the cost of living not only in the Russian Federation regions but also in administrative districts with different natural environment and climatic areas. The researchers have applied the engineering-economical method of calculating zoning parameters depending on the duration and heat introduction in different regions during the heating season  as well as the economic-geographic method of region's zoning. The scientific novelty of the research is caused by the fact that the authors apply the engineering-economical method for calculating zoning parameters depending on the duration and heat introduction in different regions during the heating season  as well as the economic-geographic method for region's objective and clear zoning. The results of the research can be used in the process of providing a legislative framework of detailed zoning of the Russian Federation regions.  
Kol'tsov A.A., Sviridov V.I. - Justification of Economically Effective and Environmentally Friendly Land Management in Agricultural Organizations pp. 12-33


Abstract: The authors propose a new approach to the formation of the optimum structure of arable land as the most valuable land resources for agricultural activities. It is noted that in recent years the structure of sown areas of agricultural enterprises does not provide a sustainable economic impact and maintainence of soil fertility. It is revealed that enhanced on the basis of optimization calculations according to the criterion of "max profit" structure of arable land can not form a positive humus balance in soils of arable lands. On the other hand, cropping patterns, optimized according to the criterion "max humus", leads to a significant reduction in the level of profitability of agricultural production. Methodological basis of work was the principles of adaptive land-use and systematic approach. Specific research methods were used: system analysis, modeling, optimal compromise programming. It is shown that a variant of the structure of arable land defined simultaneously by two criteria of optimality, provides a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly land management in agricultural organizations. The study of this experience deserves great attention in present conditions the creation and implementation of farming systems and agricultural technologies of new generation for the purpose of conservation and reproduction of soil fertility, efficient use of natural resources potential of agricultural landscapes. 
Kudryavtseva S.A. - Models of Public Debt Management at the Regional Level pp. 34-44


Abstract: The object of study is the national debt at the regional level. The subject of research is a model of public debt management in the region. Particular attention is paid to both theoretical and practical basics of public debt management at the regional level in the light of economic science terminological apparatus for the study questions the current socio-economic realities, as well as existing international experience (Germany, France). And studied the structure of the list of debt of regional authorities in the context of the hierarchy of territorial-administrative units. During research following methods were used in the abstract-logical method of classification, analysis of the actual documentation, empirical techniques used structural-functional analysis, and such methods of collecting and analyzing information.The study concluded that each country has its own legal structure of the list of debt of regional authorities. The most important factor is the structure of the hierarchy of territorial administrative units within the state - whether carried out by local management entities exclusively through the higher regions, which in turn are subject to the central government of the country or the local authorities directly subordinate to the central government. In Germany, local education do not even have the constitutional guarantees of its existence and are subject to State Governments are responsible to the central federal government. Fundamentally different device is France, where all four levels of administrative and territorial authorities have no subordinate relations between them, and managed directly by the central administration of the country.
Kotov N.M. - Directions for Improving Competitiveness of Regional Fisheries Industries of the Far East (Based on the Example of the Magadan Region) pp. 38-47


Abstract: The subject of research is the problem of increase of competitiveness of fishery complexes of Far East regions which is considered on the example of the Magadan region. In modern conditions of uncertainty it is important to determine the possible directions of the state measures for enhancement of management of a regional fishery complex for the purpose of increase of level of its competitiveness. The assessment of competitive advantages of a fishery complex of the Magadan region has allowed to reveal the key directions of its increase within enhancement of public administration by a fish industry of the Magadan region. The main results of research are applicable to all Far East regions. Method, research methodology. A methodological and theoretical basis of research are works of the Russian scientists concerning development of fishing activities and competitiveness of an industry. The main methods of research are system approach, the analysis and synthesis, the comparative analysis, the analysis of statistical data, an expert method. Novelty of research, conclusions. For the purpose of identification a determinant of competitive advantage of a regional fishery complex the economic model of research of competitive advantages of M. Porter has been adapted. The assessment of competitiveness of a regional fishery complex on the example of the Magadan region by ranging of absolute and relative measures of various industries on the main determinants of competitive advantages is offered and given.
Neustroeva A.B. - Risks on the Labor Market in the Arctic Region of the Russian Federation pp. 48-58


Abstract: The subject of the research is the risks that exist on the labor market in the Arctic districts of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). The author of the article examines such objective risk-contributing factors of the developing economy and social labor sphere of the Arctic Region as hazardous environmental conditions, vast territory, strong dependence of the population on the state policy aimed at industrial and economic development of the North, instability and disparity in the regional employment pattern, underdevelopment of the engineering, social and transport infrastructure. Special attention is paid to the analysis of unemployment risks, low wages, informal employment, labor migration and professional risks. The author also analyzes how the population perceives these risks on the labor market. The labor market risks are analyzed by the author based on the statistical data, results of the survey conducted in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) regarding the employment and unemployment issues, and results of the expert survey that involved leadership and labor protection specialists of the enterprises and organisations in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). The main conclusion of the research is that current risks and constraints on the labor market in the Arctic districts of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) are only growing under the conditions of the financial crisis which requires serious governmental decisions to preserve and keep labor forces in the Far North, to create favorable conditions and increase the life quality of the local population. Based on the analysis of survey results, the author defines particular features of the perception of labor market risks by the population of the Arctic districts of Yakutia. 
Abramov R.A., Mukhaev R.T., Sokolov M.S. - Efficiency Criteria of State and Regional Management in Terms of the Project-Based Approach pp. 96-112


Abstract: The object of the research is the state and regional authorities. The subject of the research is the organisational and managing mechanisms that define efficiency of administration in terms of the project-based approach. The need to raise efficiency of state management at all levels of governance is becoming a crucial factor of Russian society's modernization. Defined as the process of transferring management functions and powers from central authorities to regional and local ones, devolution in its turn creates the need to look for efficient mechanisms of implementing socio-economic programs at the regional level. The research methods used by the authors include the analytical method, observation, comparison and description of social processes to study efficiency criteria of state authorities when using the project-based approach as well as the influence thereof on the social and economic development of the society. Adoption of project-based management methods is becoming an important instrument of the state policy aimed at sustainable development of territories. The isuses of institutional and procedural implementation of decentralization processes and granting necessary powers, functions and resources to regional and local authorities are growing especially important. The scientific novelty of the research is caused by the fact that the project-based approach to state management reveals new opportunities to modernize stage governance and offers a new system for evaluating the management mechanism efficiency at state and local authorities.
Esembekova A.U., Pavlutskikh M.V. - Influence of operating of agricultural organizations of the burial Mound area conditions on efficiency of production of milk pp. 177-186


Abstract: The article of research is totality of the phenomena and processes, characterizing the production of milk in agricultural organizations.Agricultural organizations of the burial Mound area come forward a research object.In the article opinions of some authors are analysed through question of determination of factors influencing on efficiency of production of milk and dairies, an author is present classification of factors influencing on the whole on efficiency of production of milk of agricultural organizations of the burial Mound area.By means of method of groupment and cross-correlation-regressive analysis the basic factor of production of milk is educed in agricultural organizations in the conditions of the burial Mound area. research methods and corresponding to them receptions are economic and statistical, calculation-structural, cross-correlation-regressive, method of groupment etc.As a result of undertaken a study it is set that on efficiency of production of goods, in particular, milk, totality of factors has influence, such as internal and external. Thus an actual value acquires presently co-operation and diversification of production. the conducted analysis showed that in agricultural organizations of the burial Mound area diversification of production is poorly developed and consequently, high prime price of milk, that negatively influences on efficiency of his production.
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