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Regional economy
Vasin S.M., Gamidullaeva L.A. - Region as a locus of innovation activity pp. 1-11


Abstract: Globalization of the economy encourages the escalation of innovation activity; development of the interfirm collaboration and chain organizational structures; functional integration and cooperation within the firms alongside state and private laboratories, universities; as well as transformation of the business models. The authors examine the theoretical-conceptual basis of the regional innovation system under the conditions of the so-called “glocalization” of the economy. The evolution of network approach in the research of foreign authors is presented. The subject of hits work is the establishment and development of regional approach towards the examination of innovation processes. The article demonstrates the factors that substantiated the transition from the dominant over many years in theory and practice innovation activity of the concept of national innovation system to the concept of innovation systems of the regions. The network approach towards establishment of the innovation systems of the regions is rationalized. The authors form an original perspective of the premises of development of the theory of regional innovation systems, as well as substantiate the advantaged of examination of the innovation processes at the regional level.
Solomonov M.P., Turantaev S. - Basic Criteria and Factors for Zoning the Arctic Zone of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia) pp. 11-20


Abstract: The object of the research is the differentiation of Russia's populated regions depending on their cost of living which structure has become simpler compared to the Soviet era. Today corporate entities do not take into account locality pays or northern wage rise for arduous working conditions that used to be applicable before. This leads to certain gaps in planning objective causes of the growing cost of living in Arctic and hard-to-read areas. Consequently, there is a need in better methods of analysing factors that increase the cost of living not only in the Russian Federation regions but also in administrative districts with different natural environment and climatic areas. The researchers have applied the engineering-economical method of calculating zoning parameters depending on the duration and heat introduction in different regions during the heating season  as well as the economic-geographic method of region's zoning. The scientific novelty of the research is caused by the fact that the authors apply the engineering-economical method for calculating zoning parameters depending on the duration and heat introduction in different regions during the heating season  as well as the economic-geographic method for region's objective and clear zoning. The results of the research can be used in the process of providing a legislative framework of detailed zoning of the Russian Federation regions.  
Koltsov A.A., Sviridov V.I. - Justification of Economically Effective and Environmentally Friendly Land Management in Agricultural Organizations pp. 12-33


Abstract: The authors propose a new approach to the formation of the optimum structure of arable land as the most valuable land resources for agricultural activities. It is noted that in recent years the structure of sown areas of agricultural enterprises does not provide a sustainable economic impact and maintainence of soil fertility. It is revealed that enhanced on the basis of optimization calculations according to the criterion of "max profit" structure of arable land can not form a positive humus balance in soils of arable lands. On the other hand, cropping patterns, optimized according to the criterion "max humus", leads to a significant reduction in the level of profitability of agricultural production. Methodological basis of work was the principles of adaptive land-use and systematic approach. Specific research methods were used: system analysis, modeling, optimal compromise programming. It is shown that a variant of the structure of arable land defined simultaneously by two criteria of optimality, provides a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly land management in agricultural organizations. The study of this experience deserves great attention in present conditions the creation and implementation of farming systems and agricultural technologies of new generation for the purpose of conservation and reproduction of soil fertility, efficient use of natural resources potential of agricultural landscapes. 
Neustroeva A.B., Popova O.V., Bol'nitskaya A.N. - Social Labor Sphere Development Problems of the Russian Federation Northern Region (Based on the Example of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) pp. 12-25


Abstract: The article is devoted to the main trends and problems of the social labor sphere development in the Far North of the Russian Federation, in particular, the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). The authors of the article clarify the term 'social labor sphere' in terms of the region and examine the influence of demographic processes on the social labor sphere development in the region as well as analyze competition positions of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) compared to other regions of the Russian Federation and Far Eastern Federal District, employment and unemployment levels, risk groups on the regional labor market and social welfare provided to employed population. The empirical basis of the research involves state statistics, results of the survey carried out in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) regarding employment and unemployment issues. The main conclusion of the research is that the social labor sphere of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) has been recently characterised with improvement of the labor and investment potentials, however, the low level of the social infrastructure development prevents the growth of the region's competitive ability and reduces attractiveness of the region as the place for living and working. 
Danilova S.V., Abdulvaliev A.F. - Instruments of socioeconomic support of indigenous minorities of the North pp. 21-29


Abstract: The isolated lifestyle of the indigenous monitories of the North along with the minimized outside interaction becomes a hampering factor in development of secluded territories within any country.  In majority of countries with historical presence of indigenous people have unresolved issues pertaining to preservation of ethnic peculiarities of the indigenous lifestyle, including problems in the area of financial and social support. In the life on the territory of the ancestral habitat and preservation of ethnic customs, peoples of the North possess certain sources of material aid. Financial aid is given to them in forms of subsidies, grants, and one-time payments. In the course of this research, the authors studied the legislative bills, articles and monographs of foreign and Russian researchers, and volumes of statistical data pertaining to the instrument of support of the indigenous peoples of Russia and other territories. The research allowed determining the fact that in the group of countries in question the mechanism for support and preservation of the cultural heritage of the indigenous peoples of the North are very relative and carry attributes of formalism, which testifies to lack of effort spent on tackling this issue. There is a need for global transformation of the existent instruments of social support for the indigenous minorities of the North, which should have been enhanced by the experience of other states in the area of support and stimulation of the life of the indigenous peoples. The scientific approach towards the study of the livelihood of the indigenous minorities of the North allowed formulating new and efficient instruments for social support.
Solomonov M.P. - Quantitative assessment of the impact of factors upon the dynamics of products delivered to a region (on the example Yakutia) pp. 30-40


Abstract: Analysis of the factors influencing the dynamics of the products delivered to a region (on the example Yakutia) is the priority objective of the government in the context of socioeconomic development of the territory. An attempt is made to determine the correlation of the region’s capacity of energy, road network, transport and communications infrastructure, agglomeration factors, labor and capital with the output in the Northern region. Due to the costliness of factors in the North, it is always a matter of choice between the development of social infrastructure and rotational system. In the course of the analysis, the author applies the indexes of labor, capital, agglomeration and infrastructure capacity, as well as the volume of shipped products in accordance with the regional statistical data over the period from 2006 to 2016, operational data of sectoral ministries, results of 2002 and 2010 national censuses. The author applies the method of indexes of the factors cited for comparability to the dimensionless numbers from 0 to 10. The scientific novelty lies in the original combination of the analysis techniques of the impact of factors upon the volumes of shipped products. The author attempts to consider the effect of fluctuation of the ruble’s exchange rate upon the regional turnover distributing products at world prices. A profound retrospective and comparable data set allowed acquiring the most realistic results.
Kudryavtseva S.A. - Models of Public Debt Management at the Regional Level pp. 34-44


Abstract: The object of study is the national debt at the regional level. The subject of research is a model of public debt management in the region. Particular attention is paid to both theoretical and practical basics of public debt management at the regional level in the light of economic science terminological apparatus for the study questions the current socio-economic realities, as well as existing international experience (Germany, France). And studied the structure of the list of debt of regional authorities in the context of the hierarchy of territorial-administrative units. During research following methods were used in the abstract-logical method of classification, analysis of the actual documentation, empirical techniques used structural-functional analysis, and such methods of collecting and analyzing information.The study concluded that each country has its own legal structure of the list of debt of regional authorities. The most important factor is the structure of the hierarchy of territorial administrative units within the state - whether carried out by local management entities exclusively through the higher regions, which in turn are subject to the central government of the country or the local authorities directly subordinate to the central government. In Germany, local education do not even have the constitutional guarantees of its existence and are subject to State Governments are responsible to the central federal government. Fundamentally different device is France, where all four levels of administrative and territorial authorities have no subordinate relations between them, and managed directly by the central administration of the country.
Kotov N.M. - Directions for Improving Competitiveness of Regional Fisheries Industries of the Far East (Based on the Example of the Magadan Region) pp. 38-47


Abstract: The subject of research is the problem of increase of competitiveness of fishery complexes of Far East regions which is considered on the example of the Magadan region. In modern conditions of uncertainty it is important to determine the possible directions of the state measures for enhancement of management of a regional fishery complex for the purpose of increase of level of its competitiveness. The assessment of competitive advantages of a fishery complex of the Magadan region has allowed to reveal the key directions of its increase within enhancement of public administration by a fish industry of the Magadan region. The main results of research are applicable to all Far East regions. Method, research methodology. A methodological and theoretical basis of research are works of the Russian scientists concerning development of fishing activities and competitiveness of an industry. The main methods of research are system approach, the analysis and synthesis, the comparative analysis, the analysis of statistical data, an expert method. Novelty of research, conclusions. For the purpose of identification a determinant of competitive advantage of a regional fishery complex the economic model of research of competitive advantages of M. Porter has been adapted. The assessment of competitiveness of a regional fishery complex on the example of the Magadan region by ranging of absolute and relative measures of various industries on the main determinants of competitive advantages is offered and given.
Charkina E.S., Miroshnikov S.N. - Development of Single-Industry Cities: Problems and Solutions pp. 46-53


Abstract: The subject of the present research is the topical issues related to the existence of single-industry cities that are defined based on data about the economic situation in such cities as well as instruments and mechanisms applied to provide a sustainable social and economic development of single-industry cities' development. Resolution of the situation in one-single cities is a priority for authorities, leadership of enterprises that form single-industry cities, representatives of small and medium businesses, and all cocncerned citizens of such municipal units. The autors pay special attention to the federal priority project on the development of single-industry cities that has been implemented since the end of 2016. The methodological basis of the research involves problem-oriented and functional approaches as well as methods of comparative analysis and observation. The novelty of the research is caused by the fact that the authors crry out a complex research that involves the project-based approach to the problem of single-industry cities' development. The authors make recommendations regarding additional measures of single-industry cities' development. The research results can be useful for federal authorities and state authorities of the Russian Federation responsible for the implementation of the state policy in the sphere of re-structuring and development of monoprofile municipal units and single-industry cities' local self-government. 
Neustroeva A.B. - Risks on the Labor Market in the Arctic Region of the Russian Federation pp. 48-58


Abstract: The subject of the research is the risks that exist on the labor market in the Arctic districts of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). The author of the article examines such objective risk-contributing factors of the developing economy and social labor sphere of the Arctic Region as hazardous environmental conditions, vast territory, strong dependence of the population on the state policy aimed at industrial and economic development of the North, instability and disparity in the regional employment pattern, underdevelopment of the engineering, social and transport infrastructure. Special attention is paid to the analysis of unemployment risks, low wages, informal employment, labor migration and professional risks. The author also analyzes how the population perceives these risks on the labor market. The labor market risks are analyzed by the author based on the statistical data, results of the survey conducted in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) regarding the employment and unemployment issues, and results of the expert survey that involved leadership and labor protection specialists of the enterprises and organisations in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). The main conclusion of the research is that current risks and constraints on the labor market in the Arctic districts of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) are only growing under the conditions of the financial crisis which requires serious governmental decisions to preserve and keep labor forces in the Far North, to create favorable conditions and increase the life quality of the local population. Based on the analysis of survey results, the author defines particular features of the perception of labor market risks by the population of the Arctic districts of Yakutia. 
Pavlova M., Samsonova I.V. - Approaches towards assessment of losses in reindeer herding in industrial development of territories of traditional nature management pp. 50-56


Abstract: This research explores the factors contributing to losses in traditional nature management of the communities of indigenous minorities of the North. The object of this research is the territory of negative impact upon environment in designated activity of industrial companies and its impact upon natural habitat, traditional livelihood, as well as economy and industry of the indigenous minorities. The authors examine the methodical approaches towards assessment of losses in reindeer herding, economic parameters contributing to losses and decrease in revenue for the local communities due to industrial development of their territories. The research is based on the practice of conducting scientific research on assessment of negative impact upon natural habitat of the indigenous minorities of the North in the territory of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia). Advancement of the proposed approach towards assessment of losses in private reindeer herding is based on the working methodical approaches towards economic assessment of biodiversity and designated industry in the territories of traditional nature management of the indigenous minorities of the North, Siberia, and Far East of the Russian Federation. The advantage of this method consists in simplification of accounting of the gross revenue from the perspective of agriculture. The studied approaches towards accounting of losses in reindeer herding alongside the industrial companies in the territories of traditional nature management are based on the resource approach with indirect calculation of losses. The calculation of the gross revenue is done using accounting of the cost of animal husbandry product and formation of revenue in agricultural organizations.
Elshin L.A. - Methodical Approaches to Multilevel Assessment of Business Activity and its Influence on Industrial Development of Regional Economic Systems (the Case Study of the Republic of Tatarstan) pp. 54-63


Abstract: Analysis of regions' business activity is an important research issue that hasn't been solved and still requires a certain commonly accepted approach. The other issue which is also important both practically and theoretically is the selection of methods aimed at identifying the influence of regions' business activity on development indicators of certain economic sectors. Solution of these issues is the aim of the present research. The object of the research is region's business activity (based on the example of the Republic of Tatarstan) and its influence on the development of regional economic systems. The subject of the research involves methods of defining and modeling business activity of the region as well as assessing its impact on development indicators of separate types of economic activity. The author examines such aspects of the topic as identification of factors that develop parameters of regional economic systems' business activity, and analysis of intraregional particularities that define the change in index pathways of business activity that express changes in expectations of economic agents. The author pays special attention to the issues of economic and mathematical modelling to assess the impact of cyclically generated trends of region's business activity on development pathways of certain industries in a region.  The research method used by the author is based on using tools of the cross-correlation analysis of the main systematically important factors influencing the process of assessing region's business activity as well as the tools of the statistical analysis and other special methods promoting determination and search for interrelations between the studied statistical ranks. The novelty of the research is caused by the fact that the author develops a conceptual approach to identifying parameters of business activity based on modelling expectations of economic agents and using methods of the cross-correlation analysis. The author's contribution to the topic is that he has developed methodical approaches to determining and describing interrelations of separate types of economic activity of the region with the parameters of business activity formed at the regional level.
Saryan A.A., Pustovoitenko S.I. - Tourist and Recreational Complex: Classification of Recreational Areas pp. 64-78


Abstract: Increase in domestic tourist flow to domestic resorts in the summer season 2015 – 2016 accentuates the attention of tourism specialists in the issue of analyzing the existing potential of the recreational territories of Russia for the spatial development of domestic tourism. A topical issue is the classification of recreational areas of the country, the formation of databases of recreational areas with the definition of their specialization, available and potentially possible types of tourism, the creation of new tourist products on their basis. The subject of the research is the relations that develop between the managing subjects of tourist activity at different levels of management regarding the definition of the tourist potential of the recreational territories of the Russian Federation, their classification for the purpose of regulating tourism flows of inland and inbound tourism. The authors of the article give a brief overview of typologies and classifications of recreational areas of domestic research centers, the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), the diversity of which emphasizes the need to select common criteria. In this study, for their analysis, the methods of theoretical analysis, comparison and classification, the abstract-logical method were used.The article gives a working version of the definition of "tourist-recreational complex" (TRC), taking into account its inclusion in the system of market relations, a variant of the classification of recreational areas is proposed based on the example of Sochi (Adler district). The main classification criterion is to consider the localization and features of recreational resources tied to a territory that has its borders within the existing administrative-territorial division, taking into account the demand and needs of the tourist. Classification of recreational areas with the definition of tourist zones and most importantly their specialization are necessary both for the purposes of managing the development of tourism, and for orienting the tourist in the available tourist offer. The scope of application of the research results is the theory and practice of tourism, and the sphere of information communications in tourism.
Loginova E.V. - Assessment of public administration implementation in municipal practice (on the example of cities and municipal districts of Volgograd Region) pp. 77-95


Abstract: The object of this research is the combination of factors constituting the system of public administration in the regions of the Russian Federation, which implementation increases the efficiency of government and municipal administration due to expansion of transparency of the management decision-making process and realization of public control over its realization. The author proposes the model for implementing public administration that reflects the interaction process between its subjects, as well as provides the qualitative characteristic of the resource, infrastructure, institutional and resulting factors defining the level of implementation of public administration in municipal practice based on the example of cities and municipal districts of Volgograd Region. The article presents the theoretical substantiation of the concept of public administration and determines the factors constituting its realization. As a result of conducted research, the author forms an assemblage of indicators that characterize the resource, infrastructure, and institutional factors of implementation of the system of public administration, as well as identifies the criteria that have greatest impact upon the implementation of public administration techniques in municipal practice of Volgograd Region.
Litvinova T.N., Vershinina O.V., Badaraev D.D., Moskvitin G.I. - Socio-Economic Problems and Benchmarks of Buryatia Residents Under Current Conditions pp. 79-89


Abstract: The article reveals the socio-economic problems and challenges of the development of the Republic of Buryatia under current conditions. The object of the article is the Republic of Buryatia, which is characterized by complex conditions of social and economic development among the regions of Russia. The subject of the study includes social and economic problems and social reference points of the Republic of Buryatia residents. The purpose of the work is to reveal the impact of economic problems, manifested during the crisis, on the social expectations of the population of the republic. Analyzing the production structure and living standards of the population, the authors have used the data for 2015-2016 provided by the Territorial Body of the Federal State Statistics Service for the Republic of Buryatia. The main trends of migration and employment of the population, changes in incomes both in the whole republic and among rural population are given. Particular attention is paid to subjective social orientations of the republic residents under the conditions of the crisis: attitudes toward work, ideas about "good life", immediate plans and long-term aspirations. The authors have used such research methods as economic statistical analysis and sociological survey (formalized interview) on the problems of social integration and disintegration (the number of respondents was 300). The current socio-economic situation in the region indicates a tense situation on the labor market, especially in rural areas. Low incomes of the population put work at the forefront as the main source of livelihood, and the social orientations and immediate plans of the inhabitants of the region are mainly associated with ensuring financial independence and prosperity, while values related to the family and the spiritual world are inferior to the former. The results of the research allow to determine the most acute social and economic problems of the region which can be used to forecast the development of Buryatia, and also to search for growth points for strategic planning.
Abramov R.A., Mukhaev R.T., Sokolov M.S. - Efficiency Criteria of State and Regional Management in Terms of the Project-Based Approach pp. 96-112


Abstract: The object of the research is the state and regional authorities. The subject of the research is the organisational and managing mechanisms that define efficiency of administration in terms of the project-based approach. The need to raise efficiency of state management at all levels of governance is becoming a crucial factor of Russian society's modernization. Defined as the process of transferring management functions and powers from central authorities to regional and local ones, devolution in its turn creates the need to look for efficient mechanisms of implementing socio-economic programs at the regional level. The research methods used by the authors include the analytical method, observation, comparison and description of social processes to study efficiency criteria of state authorities when using the project-based approach as well as the influence thereof on the social and economic development of the society. Adoption of project-based management methods is becoming an important instrument of the state policy aimed at sustainable development of territories. The isuses of institutional and procedural implementation of decentralization processes and granting necessary powers, functions and resources to regional and local authorities are growing especially important. The scientific novelty of the research is caused by the fact that the project-based approach to state management reveals new opportunities to modernize stage governance and offers a new system for evaluating the management mechanism efficiency at state and local authorities.
Ivanov P.A. - Financial management of the territories with consideration of gradual development pp. 100-109


Abstract: The subject of this research consists in the examination of the theoretical methodological aspects of financial management of the territories with consideration of peculiarities of various stages of their lifecycle. In the current conditions of majority of the subjects of the Russian Federation, especially municipal formations, being in the state of low level financial independence preventing them from reaching strategic priorities of the socioeconomic development without the support of the upper channels, there is a growing relevance in improvements to the system of financial management of various levels of territorial formations. One of the promising vectors in increasing the quality of financial management, which is currently largely neglected, is the consideration of the gradual development of the territories. The work defines the concepts of “territorial lifecycle” and “territorial financial management”, as well as determines the correlation between them and their peculiarities, intrinsic to the lifecycle in the context of territorial development. The author systematizes the approaches to the efficiency of the state (municipal) financial management, which allows concluding that there is an insufficient consideration of the stages of the territorial lifecycle.
Sharafutdinov R.I., Izmailova D.O., Akhmetshin E.M. - Examination of the national key performance criteria of inclusive growth and regional development of the Russian Federation pp. 118-134


Abstract: This article explores the concept of inclusive growth and regional development of the Russian Federation, as well as their key performance criteria. The object of this research is the inclusive growth and regional development of the Russian Federation. The subject is the key national performance criteria of inclusive development. The authors carefully examine the concept of inclusive development as the new economic model aimed at creation of the balanced socioeconomic system, with consideration of social equality, environmental factors and natural resources. Special attention is given to the methodology of assessment of inclusive development proposed by the experts of the World Economic Forum in 2017, the tailored version of which is applied in study of the Russian regions. The article conducts an assessment of the inclusive growth index of the Russian regions based on the comparative analysis of the national key performance criteria of inclusive development. The authors calculate the composite index of inclusive development of the Russian regions. The scientific novelty lies in advancement of the theory of regional economy based on the expansion of theoretical-methodological approaches to assessment of inclusive growth and development of the Russian regions. Practical importance lies in calculation of the inclusive development index, which can be applied in the process of elaboration and implementation of the federal and regional programs, as well as development strategies of the Russian regions.
Garaeva A.M. - Entrepreneurship in the Republic of Tatarstan under Conditions of Islamic Renaissance: Challenges and Advantaqges (Based on the Expert Survey) pp. 119-135


Abstract: The subject of the research is entrepreneurship aimed at sastifying the needs of religious muslims living in the Republic of Tatarstan. The object of the research is entrepreneurs that conduct their activity in the sphere of Mulsim goods and services. The author of the article examines eight directions of business activity arising as a result of commercialization process and describes each direction in detail by using various methods of analysis including expert survey, content analysis, discourse analysis of mass media, and secondary analysis of sources. Special attention is paid to the quantitative analysis of studied sectors of Tatarstan entrepreneurship. The expert survey was conducted using the method of in-depth semi-structured interview. The experts from different commercial sectors have been invited and 17 entrepreneurial experts and owners of business in the sphere of Muslim goods and services have participated in the research. The main conclusion of the research  is that there is a certain dependence of religious practices on the generation of demand in particular goods and services. The novelty of the research is caused by the fact that the author defines the main problems of the development of Tatarstan entrepreneurship aimed at satisfying the needs of Muslims which has a practical importance for entrepreneurs in this pshere. 
Napolskikh D.L., Furin A.G. - Construction of Data Monitoring Network for Spatial Modeling of Regional Industrial Clusters pp. 136-143


Abstract: The subject of the research is adaptation of the methodological tools of geostatistics to the tasks of modeling the development of regional industrial clusters. Particular attention is paid to the categorical apparatus and economic interpretation of approaches to analyzing spatially distributed data within clusters. The main aspects of the scientific problem of constructing a data monitoring network for modeling clusters are systematized. A mathematical description of the economic space of the region is presented from the point of view of the geostatistical analysis of clustering processes. Approaches to the solution of the problem of coordinate binding of the development processes of regional industrial clusters in the economic space of the region are considered. The main result of the study is the refinement of the basic elements of geostatistics with respect to the problem of modeling the development processes of regional industrial clusters: space metric, network for monitoring data, and data declarations. Based on the results obtained, the author gives an assessment of the possibilities of practical application of methods for visualizing the data monitoring network and its cluster structure.
Esembekova A.U., Pavlutskikh M.V. - Influence of operating of agricultural organizations of the burial Mound area conditions on efficiency of production of milk pp. 177-186


Abstract: The article of research is totality of the phenomena and processes, characterizing the production of milk in agricultural organizations.Agricultural organizations of the burial Mound area come forward a research object.In the article opinions of some authors are analysed through question of determination of factors influencing on efficiency of production of milk and dairies, an author is present classification of factors influencing on the whole on efficiency of production of milk of agricultural organizations of the burial Mound area.By means of method of groupment and cross-correlation-regressive analysis the basic factor of production of milk is educed in agricultural organizations in the conditions of the burial Mound area. research methods and corresponding to them receptions are economic and statistical, calculation-structural, cross-correlation-regressive, method of groupment etc.As a result of undertaken a study it is set that on efficiency of production of goods, in particular, milk, totality of factors has influence, such as internal and external. Thus an actual value acquires presently co-operation and diversification of production. the conducted analysis showed that in agricultural organizations of the burial Mound area diversification of production is poorly developed and consequently, high prime price of milk, that negatively influences on efficiency of his production.
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