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Учредитель: Даниленко Василий Иванович,
Главный редактор: Дегтярев Александр Николаевич, доктор экономических наук, кандидат технических наук,
Contents of Issue № 03/2020
Management and corporate governance
Kudin L. - Internal corporate control and CEO’s dual position pp. 1-10


Abstract: The subject of this research is the relations emerging between the participants of corporate management and control, such as board of directors, CEO, and employees of the organization. Special attention is given to such relations with regards to administration of internal and external corporate control, as well as dual position of CEO as an object and subject of corporate control and management. The author systematizes the concepts of corporate control, as well as reveals the factors of internal corporate control. The participants of corporate management are viewed from the perspective of agent theory; the relations “agent – principal” are clarified from the position of CEO. The author’s special contribution into this research consists in simultaneous consideration of CEO as an agent and a principal in relations between the participants of corporate management and control. Balance between the roles of CEO in the corporation – as a subject and/or object determines his capacity to influence the assessment of the effectiveness of management. The conducted research systematizes the measures on reduction of opportunistic behavior between the agents of the described relations. The scientific novelty consist in acknowledgement of CEO’s dual position in the corporate management and control based on the analysis of his status as an agent and a principal.
Service sector: management & economics
Kormishov A., Levchenko T. - Peculiarities of development of active types of tourism in Krasnodar Krai pp. 11-21


Abstract: The subject of this research is the state and development prospects of active types of tourism in Krasnodar Krai and the city of Sochi. The object of this research is the active types of tourism. By active tourism the authors understand a trip that involves active movement to a destination, with certain physical effort, but within personal comfort zone. Special attention is given to the questions of assessment of competitive advantages of a resort city of Sochi in development of tourism, as well as to the analysis of offerings of alpine and water types of tourism in Sochi. The authors assess the tourism potential of Krasnodar Krai, current state of alpine and water tourism in Sochi; examine the propositions of tourism agencies of Sochi; as well as determine the problems and development prospects. It is concluded that alpine and water tourism in Sochi is presented by all main types; some companied do not have the official websites with accurate information, since currently of high demand is promotion of goods and services in the social networks. The scientific novelty consists in the theoretical and practical recommendations on peculiarities of development of the active types of tourism: the definition of active types of tourism from the perspective of its distinctive features is introduced into the scientific discourse; classification of active types of tourism applicable to mountain and coastal clusters of the city of Sochi is expanded; competitive advantages of Sochi on the development of active types of tourism are determined on the basis of SWOT analysis.
Economic theory and history of economic thought
Arefyev A.S. - “Platformization” as a management tool of digital transformation in the sphere of tourism pp. 22-34


Abstract: Digital economy is a natural stage of development of economic system, in which the main values of economic actors consist in the knowledge and nonmaterial production. Within scientific literature prevail research of the impact of separate aspects of digital transformation upon the activity of tourism agencies and development of vacation destinations, namely the use of digital booking platforms, augmented reality in museums and exhibitions, as well as the Internet of things. However, interrelation of these vectors of development in the process of digital transformation, as well as the mechanisms of its management applicable to the sphere of tourism and Russian economy are studied insufficiently. The subject of this research is the economy and management of a separate tourism agency and the entire industry. The goal of this work consists in conducting a comprehensive research of Russian and foreign literature on the topic of methodology for managing digital transformation in different economic sectors; as well as determination of distinct characteristic of managing digital transformations in tourism sphere and the factors affecting this process. The author applies comparative analysis of literary sources and experience of managing digital transformation through implementation of digital platforms. The introduction of platform approach in management of digital transformation substantiated the transition towards network service interaction (versus traditional cooperation) as the backbone of the economy. Digital transformation of the entire economic sector requires close collaboration of economic actors within the framework of a region or a country. A conclusion is made the most appropriate model of the development of tourism sector of the economy is the ecosystem of digital platforms. Due to its peculiarities, tourism sphere can become a favorable platform for approbation of management techniques of digital transformation, functionality of regional digital platforms and system integrators.
Production branches and markets economics
Azarov D. - Identification of the specificity of functionality of the military-industrial complex pp. 35-49


Abstract: The subject of this research is the economic relations formed as a result of operation and development of military-industrial complex, which affect economic growth of the country. The object of this research is the military-industrial complex. The goal consists in determination of peculiarities of functionality of military-industrial complex. The author explores such aspects of the topic, as the evolution of approaches towards studying the military-industrial complex, as well as nuances of its functionality. Special attention is paid to the structure of military-industrial complex, highlighting its key components and determining interaction between them. The author’s main contribution lies in the proposed interpretation of the military-industrial complex, formulated as a result of critical analysis of relevant scientific representations on its essence, and reflecting the specifics of its functionality. The novelty consists in the analysis and systematization of scientific approaches to definition of military-industrial complex; its structural perception in form of modified scheme of O. Williamson with indication of major stakeholders and relations between them, which is based on the concept of “iron triangle”; identification of basic transformation trends of the military-industrial complex, as well as characteristics that differentiate it from other economic macro-sectors.
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