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Theoretical and Applied Economics

Integration Capacities of the Migration Cooperation in Eurasia

Dadabaeva Zarina Abdurakhmanovna

Doctor of Politics

Doctor (Political Science), Leading Research Fellow, Institute of Economics, Russian Academy of Sciences

117418, Russia, g. Moscow, ul. Nakhimovskii Prospekt, d.32, of. a

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Abstract: The subject of the present research is the analysis of the work migration in the former Soviet republics. The object of the research is the migration processes in terms of the integration choice made by countries. In her research Dadabaeva analyzes the influence of migration processes on the integration of CIS countries and analyzes the causes of a growing flow of work migrants. Special attention is paid to the nature of migratory movements inside the former Soviet republics that are usually due to work migration and present the main argument to expand integration at the account of the countries with ailing economy and a high rate of population increase. The author underlines that international migration exchange in CIS countries has a diverse effect on the political, economic and sociocultural environment in both the countries that receive work migrants and countries work migrants come from. The author demonstrates that this fact determines the future of integration. The methodological basis of the research involves dialectic and systems approaches to analyzing the migration situation in Eurasia. The author has also applied the abstract logical and economic statistical research methods to analyze work migration flows depending on whether it is a donor or recipient country. The author concludes that the efficiency of migration exchange depends on the availability of migrants' equal access to information concerning legal employment in recipient countries. According to the author, if recipient countries start to attract workers according to their professional skills and major, this will decrease tension caused by work migration and reinfoce integration processes. In order to avoid unfair competition on the Russian labour market it is necessary not only to adopt new laws and regulations but also create a regulated 'friendly' environment for entrepreneurs. The scientific novelty of the research is caused by the fact that being a factor for integration processes in Eurasia, interstate migration cooperation has a diverse, differently diferected effect and thus is a contradictory issue in the process of integration. This does not only decrease efficiency of integration processes but also slows down the process of creating a single market of labor. The author of the article emphasizes the need to establish a differentiated approach to migrants coming from CIS countries and countries outside the former Soviet Union. According to the author, supporting national enclaves has a negative effect on adopting cultural standards of a receiving community and may become a great disintegrating factor. 

Keywords: Commonwealth of Independent States, Eurasian Economic Union, migration processes, international cooperation, Eurasian area, economic integration, money transfers, exchange migration, work migration, labor market
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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