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Contents of Issue є 01/2016
Energy systems and complexes
Salygin V.I., Guliyev I.A., Mustafinov R.K. - Sustainable development and current state of electric-power industry of the European Union countries pp. 60-71


Abstract: The authors consider the variants of extensive, intensive and moderate development of global power industry and reveal the contents of the sustainable development concept, based on the development of the society, which helps satisfy the requirements of the modern generations, not endangering the opportunities of the future generations. The authors assess the prognostic data on the supposed population growth, that will determine the growth of the world GDP and demonstrate the calculations of the increase of global carbon dioxide emissions. The research is based on the conventional methods of political economics. Special role is assigned to the methods of statistical analysis and the analysis of international statutory acts. The scientific novelty of the study consists in the systematization of international treaties in this sphere for a long period of time from 1922. The article contains graphic materials, helping understand the given statistical data. The authors propose the sustainable development strategy, which will allow using the technologies, decreasing the environmental pollution and improving ecology, not endangering the energy provision of the states. 
Meshkov I. - Pipeline transportation of oil and oil products in Italy pp. 72-78


Abstract: The article contains the characteristic of the Italian system of oil and oil products pipeline transportation. The author describes the key pipeline systems: the Central Europe Pipeline System, the Transalpine Pipeline and the Northern Italy Pipeline System, and enumerates the working oil refineries. Besides, the author considers the norms of regulation of pipeline transportation of oil and oil products and the normative peculiarities of a new infrastructure creation, line tap and its modification. The author applies theoretical research methods: the analysis of foreign language sources, the Mass Media information analysis and the national statistics analysis. The scientific novelty of the study consists in the systematization and actualization of data on the Italian pipeline system; the description of the key directions of oil and oil products transportation from Italy to West European and Central European countries; the description of the process of oil and oil products transportation in Italy on the base of the national statutory acts; the analysis of the prerequisites to the reorganization of the Italian logistic system of oil and oil products transportation.
Akieva L.B. - Analysis and methods of assessment of price risks in oil and gas industry pp. 79-86


Abstract: In risk management, it is important to bear in mind the unpredictability of the future. It is undetermined, therefore one can’t stably prognosticate the exchange rates fluctuations, the work of stock markets, credit, operational and other regular events, affecting the finance component of the economy. The contemporary theory offers the methods of risk management in the context of uncertainty; the economy of the past couldn’t offer such opportunities. Today it is possible to identify the risk, to measure it; it helps assess its consequences and minimize or transfer the risk. The paper contains the analysis and generalization of theoretic materials and offers the single set of price risk management methods with account for the specificity of oil and gas industry. The author actualizes the methods of price risks management, defines the complex character of the contemporary pricing environment and assesses the lack of universal methods of price risks identification. The author characterizes each of the described risk assessment methods and enumerates the possibilities of their application in the work of companies. 
Fuel and energy sources
Litvinyuk I., Guliyev I. - Russia on the liquid hydrocarbons market pp. 87-107


Abstract: The organization of oil and oil products stock trading, requiring for independent national price indicators establishing, will promote the formation of a fair prices for energy commodities, the extension of influence of the national currency on the global market and the decrease of impact of external market fluctuations of global economy on Russia’s economy. The research subject is the possibility of Russia’s inclusion in the structure of the global oil and oil products stock trading for the purpose of strengthening the country’s leverage over free market prices and in the interests of the state budget and Russian companies. Special attention is given to the analysis of the contemporary contract structure of the global oil market and the risks, formed by it. The authors apply the methods of scientific abstraction, system, factor and situation analysis, expert assessments and the instruments of statistical analysis. The scientific novelty of the study consists in the analysis of the capabilities of oil and oil products export from Russia in the context of marketplace trading mechanism. The authors develop the methodological framework for oil and oil products price indicators calculation and the suggestions about the promotion and marketing of benchmark grades of Russian oil on the international level. 
Energy systems and complexes
Mekhdiev E.T. - The review of European pipeline infrastructure: oil and oil products transportation pp. 108-119


Abstract: The author analyzes the oil and oil products pipeline transportation system in such European countries as Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Norway and France. The author considers the retrospective aspect of the matter and the current state of oil and oil products transportation infrastructure in these states. The author illustrates the pipeline transport system of each of the countries. This review can serve as a basis for the further study of oil and oil products pipeline market of Europe. The research methodology is based on general scientific and specific research methods: analysis, synthesis, generalization, historical, statistical methods, etc. The author defines the key peculiarities, typical for the pipeline infrastructure of each of the considered European countries. Along with the key pipeline directions of oil and oil products transportation, the author considers oil refineries in these countries and their interrelation with the pipeline infrastructure. 
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