Электронный журнал Электроника и электротехника - №2 за 2018 год - Содержание, список статей - ISSN: 2453-8884 - Издательство NotaBene
Electronics and Machinery
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Contents of Issue № 02/2018
Belozerov V.V. - Method of Express Analysis of the Liquid Packed-up Products pp. 1-31


Abstract: The article is devoted to a hot topic – the development of the method of express control of the liquid packed-up products without opening the container. Today, up to 30% of all engine oil sold in Russia is counterfeit, as well as 40% of cooling and 50% of brake fluids. Thus, the relevance of the development of methods of express control and the systems of identification of the liquid packed-up products is doubtless. Therefore, it is necessary to synthesize the necessary methods and means to offer to producers and trade organizations for use. The author used an express method of weight electrometriс measurements and a comparative analysis with "images of standards" for identification of quality and identification of counterfeit production. The object of the research is the standards of the Castrol Magnatec engine oil and samples of counterfeit production regarding registration of their electric and mechanical characteristics and also parameters and designs of the container in which they are packaged. The results of the research have shown that the offered method and means of its implementation can provide absolute protection of the consumer from the low-quality and counterfeit liquid packed-up production.
Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Science
Oleinikov S.N., Belozerov V.V., Bykov D.A. - A Model of Automation of Peat Bogs Protection pp. 32-40


Abstract: The object of the research is the existing methods and diagnostics means of the condition of peat deposits and suppression of peat fires. The author carried out a system analysis of the problems connected with formation and use of peat with due consideration of its increased fire danger. The article shows that suppression of peat fires with water makes it impossible to exploit the peat fields. The author offers a model of the automated complex of detection, prevention and suppression of fire with the existing gas peat trunks which are constructively improved and turned to thermoelectroprobes that allow to suppress the process of self-heating of peat by means of atmospheric nitrogen received using the air separation method. The methodology of the research is based on a new domestic method of peat "nitrating" protected by the patent of the Russian Federation for inventions. The novelty of the research lies in synthesizing a diagram of vertical electric sounding of the peat bog (known since the last century) by means of appropriate finishing of gas-peat trunks to thermoelectroprobes in the course of development of the automation model, in addition to the thermal location and suppression of the center of self-heating of peat using gas-peat trunks (the thermoprobes offered in the specified patent of the Russian Federation).
Instrument Engineering, Metrology, and Electronic Measurement Devices and Systems
Gubanova A.A., Guzarevich A.S., Taridonov N.E. - Stepper Motor Control System pp. 41-47


Abstract: At present, a stepper motor drive which has already become a traditional executive device for many electronic devices and systems is a good alternative to microdrives consisting of a high-speed motor with feedback and a mechanical gearbox. The subject of study of this article is a stepper motor. In this paper, the control object (OS) is a two-coordinate transport module based on linear stepper motors (LSD) which is used for the manufacture of high integration chips. For this purpose, a probe that includes a two-coordinate transport module is used. In this article, the technique of controlling the full-step mode was used for a linear stepper motor when designing the system. The stepper motor control system is designed to generate signals on the stepper motor windings and control the rotation speed of its shaft as well as to control the number of pivot steps. In the course of the study, the author developed structural and electric schemes and an algorithm for controlling the system. The developed system is characterized by small overall dimensions, low power consumption, wide functionality. The device uses a modern, widely available, low-cost element base.
Informatics and Computers
Dolakov T.B., Oleinikov S.N. - A Model of the Automated Microsystem of Accounting of Energy Resources and Fire and Explosion Protection of the Housing Sector pp. 48-72


Abstract: The article analyses the results of the existing means and systems of population health and safety protection in the housing sector. On the basis of the analysis results the author synthesizes the replicated local automated microsystem of diagnostics and suppression of fire and energetic harm and the dangerous factors of fire and explosion from the leak of home gas, which prevents fire-dangerous failures of household appliances in the housing sector. The need for application of the proposed solutions and the reinvestment mechanism of their implementation are shown on the example of the housing sector of rural areas of Krasnodar Krai. The methodology of the research is based on innovative solutions in the field of objectivization and automation of accounting of the consumed energy resources which at the same time protect the housing sector from the fire-and-explosion hazard. The scientific novelty of the proposed solutions is confirmed by the patents of the Russian Federation for inventions and useful models. Simulation, implementations of the local automated microsystem of diagnostics and suppression of fire and energetic harm and the dangerous factors of fire and explosion from the leak of home gas allows the author to claim that it is the only way to cardinally protect the housing sector of rural settlements.
Monograph peer reviews
Belozerov V.V. - A Review of the Radio Biosensor System Project (No. 2011-H-180 LOT-6, supervisor Bosiy S.I.) pp. 73-94


Abstract: The present article analyzes and reviews project No. 2011-H-180 LOT-6: "Radio Biosensor System" (code: RBSS) which was declared an “outsider” by the contest committee and after identification of "mistakes" became the winner. But despite the unique results of the 1st stage, its further financing was recognized inexpedient, which did not allow its authors to receive the results that were expected in the business plan. The object of the research is the individual’s biophysical signals pickup devices (from hands, chest, back, etc) and the radio system for the obtained information processing regarding identification of an individual’s condition when working at facilities of increased danger (transport drivers, airport dispatchers, NPP operators, etc), diagnostics of an individual’s condition at home, as well as during examination and treatment in medical institutions (hospitals, clinics, health centers, etc). The purpose of the work is the development and further testing of 3 samples of radio biosensor system (RBSS-transport, RBSS-individual and RBSS-physician) for diagnostics of an individual’s condition by radio sensors data processing (temperature, respiratory and pulse waves, phonendoscopy and pulmonology, etc) collected by the ZigBee-radio component and linked through standard interfaces (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB, etc) to a computer (onboard, stationary, etc) which processes the signals and performs relevant identification.
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