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Stepper Motor Control System
Gubanova Aleksandra Anatol'evna

Lecturer at Don State Technical University.

344000, Russia, Rostovskaya oblast', g. Rostov-Na-Donu, Gagarina, 1

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Guzarevich Aleksandra Sergeevna


344000, Russia, Rostovskaya oblast', g. Rostov-na-Donu, Gagarina, 1

Другие публикации этого автора

Taridonov Nikita Evgen'evich


344000, Russia, Rostovskaya oblast', g. Rostov-na-Donu, Gagarina, 1

Другие публикации этого автора



At present, a stepper motor drive which has already become a traditional executive device for many electronic devices and systems is a good alternative to microdrives consisting of a high-speed motor with feedback and a mechanical gearbox. The subject of study of this article is a stepper motor. In this paper, the control object (OS) is a two-coordinate transport module based on linear stepper motors (LSD) which is used for the manufacture of high integration chips. For this purpose, a probe that includes a two-coordinate transport module is used. In this article, the technique of controlling the full-step mode was used for a linear stepper motor when designing the system. The stepper motor control system is designed to generate signals on the stepper motor windings and control the rotation speed of its shaft as well as to control the number of pivot steps. In the course of the study, the author developed structural and electric schemes and an algorithm for controlling the system. The developed system is characterized by small overall dimensions, low power consumption, wide functionality. The device uses a modern, widely available, low-cost element base.

Keywords: Feedback, pulse sensor, electric drive, controller, management interface, management driver, linear stepper motor, rotational speed, source of power, position sensor



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This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

Teoriya avtomobilei i dvigatelei: Uchebnoe posobie / V.P. Tarasik, M.P. Brench.-2-e izd., ispr.-M.: NITs Infra-M; Mn.: Nov. znanie, 2013.-448 s
Ivanov, G.Ya. Elektroprivod i elektrooborudovanie [Elektronnyi resurs] : uchebnoe posobie / G.Ya. Ivanov, A.Yu. Kuznetsov, V.V. Dmitriev; Novosib. gos. agrar. un-t. Inzhener. in-t. – Novosibirsk, 2011. – 56 s
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