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Electronics and Machinery

Thermoelectric coolers and thermal processes in terms of SPICE modeling

Apartsev Oleg Rolenovich

leading engineer, АО "Shvabe-Devices"

630049, Russia, g. Novosibirsk, ul. Dusi Koval'chuk, 179a

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The research subject is adaptation of SPICE-like programs of simulation of electric circuits and thermal processes simultaneously using the example of Peltier thermos-elements. Despite apparent simplicity of such physical object, practice shows that to operate such device one should realize a complex algorithm, since the current of a TE module, which is the only directly managed parameter, determines a complex function of impact on the work of the device. It can be seen when trying to solve the tasks of improvement of thermal stabilization and energy efficiency simultaneously. Recently electronic devices have been developed via computer simulation programs, but such software tools haven’t been used for engineering objects of complex physical nature so far. The author of this work attempts to unite the electronic simulation methods with the consideration of objects of nonelectric nature, i.e. the author offers a computer model of a thermoelectric converter based on the Peltier effect. A thermal part of a simulation model is based on the electrostatic analogy principle with the conversion of thermal values into electric ones. The thermal part of a device is divided into electric-like elements with formation of thermal circuits. The presents SPICE models of a thermoelectric cooler and a thermostat help effectively analyze thermal and electric parameters of a wide range of devices, which contain both internal and boundary sources of heat and cold, including heat pumps based on different physical principles. The author arrives at appropriate coincidence of simulation results and experimental data. It allows using the developed model for solving an inverse problem – analysis of an electric generator based on the Seebeck effect. 

Keywords: temperature control system, heat conduction equation, SPICE simulator, Peltier element, computer simulation, thermoelectric cooling module, thermoelectric converter, heat pump, cooler, heat process simulation
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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