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Environmental Research

Features of the administrative authorization as a method of safety environment in the Russian Federation
Egorov Vladimir Georgievich

PhD in Law

Director, LLC “Legotrans”

350007, Russia, Krasnodar, Kotovskogo Street 22, office #2



This article investigates the characteristics of the administrative authorization as a method of safety environment in the Russian Federation.The author believes that under the administrative methods of ensuring the safety of the environment should be understood only to those administrative-legal methods used by the subjects of the Executive authority to prevent, detect and eliminate malicious man-made and natural environmental factors related to lawful activities of citizens and organization, and also to prevent, identify and eliminate administrative offenses, emergencies, and other social situations contributing to the emergence and / or development harmful natural and technogenic factors of the environment.Depending on the direction of the administrative validation and the nature of the legal and administrative consequences associated with the use of this method, its structure is logical to allocate a number of typical types of administrative authorization: authorization security method; the method of identification of safety and security; conciliation security method, the registration method of security.In this scientific article the author used a number of scientific research methods, in particular: comparative law; formal logic; statistics; legal history; modeling; description.

Keywords: features, ecology, technique, sanctions, administrative, security, safety, environment, Russian Federation, legislation



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This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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