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On certain peculiarities of economic evaluation of damage from the results of the environmental impact of transport in foreign countries
Kizim Anatolii Aleksandrovich

Doctor of Economics

Professor, Kuban State University

350007, Russia, Krasnodar Krai, Khimzavodskaya Street 48, office #4

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This article presents a research on certain peculiarities of economic evaluation of damage from the results of the environmental impact of transport in foreign countries. The author substantiates a position that environmental profit equals to financial profit, which is gained as the result of a specific economic activity that contributes to the improvement of ecology. And contrariwise, environmental damage equals to financial damage, caused by environmental pollution as a result of one or another activity.  A significant portion of environmental damage caused by transportation is interlinked with the discharge of hazardous substances into the atmosphere. The assessment of profits and damage allows examining an extensive range of consequences that are the result of the use of systems of organization of movements, production technologies, and means of transportation. The author analyzes the consequences of environmental pollution by transportation, as well as the most relevant ways of its evaluation that can be implemented in practical experience in the Russian Federation. It will allow improving the environmental situation in the country and encourage the transportation enterprises towards using the modern technologies along with the new means of transportation.

Keywords: abroad, transport, environment, contamination, impact, damage, economic evaluation, Russia, inventory, emissions



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This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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