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Biblical culture and art of the book
Kosov I.M. - Receptions of ancient culture in works of Giraldus Cambrensis pp. 43-53


Abstract: The subject of this research is the manuscript “Topography of Ireland” and “Conquest of Ireland”. The object of the body of text of the artefacts “Topographia Hiberniae", "Expugnatio Hiberniae", "Gemma Ecclesiastica", and "De rebus a se gestis" by Giraldus Cambrensis. The author examines such rhetorical aspects of the medieval clerk, as the character and ways of citing classical authors. Special attention is given to the elements of scholastic written narrative. The article sets a goal to determine the correlation between its written and verbal part in works of the Welsh monk, and its impact upon the interrelation of fragments of the digest of the late XII century in the code of the early XIII century (National Library of Ireland MS 600 Giraldus Cambrensis). Among the main conclusion of the conducted research are the following reasoning: 1) “Topography of Ireland” and “Conquest of Ireland” represent the elements of a single body of texts, part of the manuscript digest of the late XII century; 2) At the end of the XII century, Norman administration in the territory of Ireland engaged the local irregular unions for the joint warfare. Authors main contribution lies in collation of the materials of the Norman and Irish chronicles. The scientific novelty consists in the complex approach towards the manuscript and intellectual heritage of Giraldus Cambrensis as a historical source.
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