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Man and Culture
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Contents of Issue № 02/2015
Culture and cultures
Chernova O.N. - Teaching Activities in Terms of the International Education Quality Assessement System pp. 1-20


Abstract: Object of research in article is pedagogical activity, the purposes and problems of school education in Finland Singapore.Object of research – features of pedagogical activity in the conditions of educational systems of Finland and Singapore.The author in detail analyzes features of activity of the teacher in the countries which took high places in the International system of an assessment of quality of education.The special attention is paid to the comparative analysis of system of preparation, selection and an assessment of educational activity in Singapore and Finland that gives the chance to consider positive sides of pedagogical activity in reforming of education in Russia for the purpose of increase of its quality.Research method in article is the comparative analysis of features of pedagogical activity in educational systems of the countries which occupied high ratings in the International researches of quality of school education. The main conclusions of the author are connected with registration of the direction of improvement of school education in Russia on the basis of the comparative analysis of pedagogical activity in Singapore and Finland.Novelty of article is that for the first time pedagogical activity corresponds to an assessment of quality of education which objective indicators are revealed as a result of the conducted research of quality of education.
Culture and science
Osipova N.V. - On the Question of Logical Culture of a Higher School Teacher pp. 21-41


Abstract: The research object of the present article is the logical culture. The subject of the research is the logical culture of a teacher at a higher school. The author defines concept of logical culture of the person, considers its criteria, main from which are observance in intellectual and speech activity of fundamental laws of logic. Special attention is paid to the analysis of fragments from various manuals on philosophy, religious studies, concepts of modern natural sciences. Owing to relevance of the questions which are brought up in article it can be interesting and useful to teachers of the highest and average educational institutions both in theoretical, and in practical aspects.Research method in this article is the analysis of educational texts regarding violation of laws of logic in them. The main conclusions of the author are that the logical culture assumes observance of fundamental laws of logic in thinking and the speech, in oral and written texts, especially if they have educational value, that is are addressed to pupils in the form of lectures, textbooks, manuals, etc. However in the careful analysis it is noticeable that in texts of such books there are essential defects caused by unconscious violation of laws of logic. Novelty of article consists that in it an attempt of the analysis regarding violation of logical laws of educational texts which are a source of knowledge is made and have to be a standard for imitation in all aspects.
Theoretical culturology and the theory of culture
Rybakova N.A. - The Essence of Teacher's Self-Actualization from the Point of View of the Humanitarian Approach pp. 42-51


Abstract: Object of research in this article is self-updating of the teacher. An object of research – its essence from the point of view of humanistic approach. The humanistic psychology which developed by 60th years of the XX century in the western science became a counterbalance to postulates of a freydizm and a behaviorism, peculiar by "the third force" in relation to them. This concept for the first time in the center of studying put the "complete" person, with all individual and unique features inherent in it. The author analyzes ideas of value of each person as persons, recognitions behind it of the right for free development and manifestation of own abilities which are still actual and intensively develop in modern science. The special attention is paid to self-updating consideration as the phenomenon opposed to a manipulyatorstvo. Method of research is the analysis of interpretation of concept of self-updating as psychological phenomenon in scientific literature, and also generalization on the basis of which the essence of this phenomenon comes to light. The main conclusions of the author are that self-updating is initiated by the corresponding congenital requirement which characterizes the highest level of the potrebnostny sphere of the person; self-updating is provided, mainly, with intra personal conditions though effective incentive for it are also conditions of an external order; self-updating isn't end in itself; adequate self-updating requires comparison of with Another, interaction with it; results of self-updating should be estimated as in individual, and social plans; sensibleness – an indispensable condition of adequate self-updating.Novelty of article consists that in it scientific experience of humanistic psychology concerning essence of self-updating of the personality and, specifically, the teacher is generalized. On the basis of the received results, the author considers self-updating of the teacher as the conscious process provided with the corresponding internal and external conditions, ability to interact with other people, an adequate self-assessment. Thus efficiency of self-updating has to be estimated both in individual, and in social plans.
Applied culturology
Synieokyi O.V. - Rock on «Balkanton» & «Elektrecord» (The Historical-Cultural Analysis of the Bulgarian and Romanian Pop Music Record Artifacts) pp. 52-95


Abstract: The object of study is a musical recording as a system of socio-cultural communications. The subject of this publication is a separate sector of the Balkan vector socio-cultural development of musical pop culture. The article describes the analysis of the formation and development of pop and rock music in Bulgaria and Romania. In this article detailed analysis of the origins of the Bulgarian and Romanian rock scene. From the standpoint of the development of socio-cultural communication in the music industry authors analyzed the history record systems: Bulgarian and Romanian. The author discussed in detail lesser known pages of the history of the Bulgarian and Romanian beat-(rock) music discussed in the context of the recording features. Problems of studying the history of the Bulgarian and Romanian beat-, pop and rock music in artefacts record considered in conjunction various interpretations. The author conducts scientific research, based on the most significant ideas belonging to different areas of modern humanities, where the priority appears comparative historical methodology. The author concludes that actually rock music became the unofficial center of the special social and communication system around which under socialism in Bulgaria and Romania (as well as in other countries «Eastern Bloc») formed heterogeneous youth subcultures. The process is as a result of scientific and technical modernization of everyday culture of big cities was further deterministic increased access to foreign music. Special contribution of the author in the study topics is concluded that for the recording systems of Bulgaria and Romania were the common presence of a single state manufacturer phonographic production, which had a monopoly of relevant national market for music recording. In conclusion, the author focuses on the fact that the global record industry requires modernization communications platform and the new formula organization recording and intercultural communication. In this context, the problem of forming strategies outlined crisis communications in the music industry of post-communist countries – Bulgaria and Romania.
Globalization, glocalization, mass culture
Savvina O.V. - The problem of moral justification of abortion in Islamic culture within the context of the globalization. pp. 96-109


Abstract: The article analyzes the problem of moral justification of abortion in Islamic culture within the context of the modern globalizing world. The author discusses/points out cultural, social and philosophical history of legalizing abortion in Europe, the UK and the USA. She makes the following conclusions: 1) the religious world view has been replaced by the scientific one; 2) the transferring of the important questions of human existence have moved from the religious realm to the scientific one; 3) the transformation of traditional medical ethics to bioethical discourse.During the last few years there has been an increasing interest in the problem of abortion in Islamic countries and clerical Islamic states as well. Some of the countries legalized therapeutic abortion and abortion for social reasons at the beginning of the XXI century. The article analyzes the reasons for liberalization of the views on termination of pregnancy in Islamic culture. As a result, the author comes to the conclusion that modern interpretation of the Glorious Qur’an justifies abortion within special circumstances. In general, some members of the medical profession in Islamic culture argue for the liberalization of abortion policies which thus reflects the influence of the world bioethical discourse, which was formed mostly in western culture.
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