Электронный журнал Человек и культура - №6 за 2013 г - Содержание, список статей. ISSN: 2409-8744 - Издательство NotaBene
Man and Culture
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Contents of Issue № 06/2013
Culture and cultures
Synieokyi O.V. - Eastern Rock: Sound Recording from Socialistic Asia pp. 1-22


Abstract: The phenomenon of the rock-and-roll is viewed by the author of the article as the information cognitive model consisting of different elements, the most important element being the geography of sound recording. The author describes the history of formation of the recoding industry in China, Viet Nam, Laos, Mongolia, North Korea and partly South Korea. Special attention is paid to communication features of the gramophone recording of rock music during socialism. The author offers practical solutions of some issues being raised. These are the legal solutions in the first place. 
Culture and authority
Kazakova Y.A. - Development of Legislation in the Sphere of Culture pp. 23-37


Abstract: Under modern conditions of changes in kinds of cultural institutions, the problem of the cultural heritage preservation is growing very important. Therefore, in order to understand the most important goals of the government during the modern transition period, it is very important to take into account the history and experience of the governmet in state regulation of the sphere of culture. The topic of research is the public relations in the sphere of legal regulation of culture. The subject matter of research is the historical and legal analysis of formation, development and legal regulation of the sphere of culture in Russia. The purpose of the present research is to study the historical experience of the government in establishing the legal base of culture. The practical meaning of research is the creation of the integrated picture of development of relations between the government and the sphere of culture. In order to achieve the aforesaid goal, it is necessary to conduct analysis of all attempts performed by the governmental, scientific and social organizations in order to set forth the legal regulation of the sphere of culture as well as to define the role of the society in the process of formation of state cultural policy.
Historical culturology and the history of culture
Tinyakova E.A. - The Classics, History and Modern Times in the Theatre Arts pp. 38-55


Abstract: The article is devoted to specific features of the theatre arts compared to other branches of art. Special attention is paid to modern tendencies in development of the theatre arts. Specific features of this branch of art are being viewed from the very moment of its origin. It is underlined that the classical Russian theatre is based on Konstantin Stanislavky's method. By studying the performances and history of Kursky Regional Drama Theatre N. A. Alexander Pushkin, the author of the article provides facts from the history of the Russian threatre in general. 
Cultural heritage, tradition and innovation
Mulyzeva A.B. - Ethnical Singularity of Anthropomorphic Images Presented in Samara Clay Toys pp. 56-72


Abstract: The author of the article analyzes anthropomorphic images in clay toys in terms of their mental ethnic features and semantics. These are the souvenirs made by modern craftsmen who live in the Samara Region. Their artwork reflects the polyethic composition of the people living within the Volga Territory. The analysis is made by using the methods of cultural research, ethnography and history. The following three classifications of the toy are offered: depending in the form, structure and decorating technique. 
Music and music culture
Chertok M. - History of One Song pp. 73-89


Abstract: The subject matter of the research is the popular soldier's song "Rise, Falcons, like Eagles". The purpose of work is: to track song history from the moment of its first emergence, the first public execution, the first publication. Result of work - updating of the facts of its first execution in the thirties the XIX century, in 1934, during Kalishsky maneuvers, instead of in the period of Patriotic war of 1812. Results of work can be used in preparation for the publication of song collections. Scope of results - the soldier's song, military history, preservation of a cultural heritage, song art, history of the Russian people in a context of studying of song art. Research method - search and studying of all mentions of a song in printing sources, audiovisual executions. Studying of existing song soldier's collections in Russian and foreign languages. The chronological order and support on historically established facts is observed. Conclusions: The ancient soldier's front song "Rise, Falcons, Eagles" is the most favourite and popular among the military personnel. The song has the rich history connected with heroism of the Russian people during wars. Various versions of the song with confidence allow to indicate the width of creative searches of soldier's authors.The song is actual and for modern creative specialists was a reason for television movie creation.
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