Электронный журнал Человек и культура - №4 за 2013 год - Содержание - список статей - ISSN: 2409-8744 - Издательство NotaBene
Man and Culture
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Contents of Issue № 04/2013
Culture and cultures
Khorina G.P. - Democracy in Modern Russian Culture: Ideal and Reality pp. 1-15


Abstract: The authors consider and analyze the process of democracy formation under conditions of increasing importance of the civilization factor. In the modern globalizing world, democracy is established as the synthesis of democratic values and cultural peculiarities and mentality of the nation living in this or that country. The authors set forth their opinion that in Russia democracy still has to go a long and difficult way to comply with modern criteria of a civil society, Russian cultural peculiarities and mentality. 
Philosophy of culture
Vasilev A.A. - 'National Soil' in F. M. Dostoevsky's, A. A. Grigoriev's and N. N. Strakhov's Philosophy pp. 16-42


Abstract: The article is devoted to the image of 'national soil' in F. M. Dostoevsky's, A. A. Grigoriev'sand N. N. Strakhov's philosophy. The author of the article shows traditionalism of pochvennichestvo. According to the author, they managed to reveal sacral grounds of the Russian culture - Mother Land. Followers of pochvennichestvo believed that Russian intelligentsia who had received European education must be united with the national 'soil' - the truth. 
Sociology of culture, social culture
Kuchinov A.M. - Approach to Analyzing Political Process From the Point of View of Socio-Cultural Dynamics as an Alternative to 'Political Culture' Approach pp. 43-52


Abstract: The present article tells about the limits of a famous 'political culture' approach. The authors prove that it is necessary to view the problem of interaction between political process and socio-cultural factors from the point of view of their dynamics. 
Cultural heritage, tradition and innovation
Kudryashov S.M. - Swedish Model of Relations Between Church and State pp. 53-80


Abstract: Peculiarity of the Swedish Church is its acive participation in implementation of state programs such as preservation of cultural legacy, elimination of consequences after crises and catastrophes and care about graveyards regulated by the government. Participation of the Swedish Church in implementation of these projects helps the Church to retain its influence and reputation in the society despite global secularization ongoing in the world now. 
Music and music culture
Remishevskii K.I., . - Belorussian Bagpipe in the Documentary Film of the 1930's (based on the issue No. 7, 1939 of the camera news 'Soviet Art') pp. 81-92


Abstract: Using methods of audiovisual anthropology, comparative art review and historicism, the authors conducted a compehensive study of the morphology of traditional Belarussian musical instrument - Duda (Belarussian bagpipe)  - in the northern part of Belarus. As a result of studying archive documentary films produced in the territory of Belarus during the summer of 1939, the authors managed to define different types of Duda and geographical range of expansion of this instrument in the territory of Belarus between the two wars. 
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