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Man and Culture

Confucianism as a cross-cultural integration in the context of globalization

Gen Byao

Postgraduate student, the department of Culturology, Philosophy of Culture and Aesthetics, Saint Petersburg State University

199034, Russia, Sankt-Peterburg oblast', g. Saint Petersburg, liniya Mendeleevskaya, 5




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Abstract: This article examines the development of Confucianism in the conditions of globalization. Globalization represents one of the most discussed in recent decades mainstream trends of global development. For quite a long time it remained one of the least strongly identified social and political phenomena. The article determines that in the process of globalization, the ideas of Confucianism ensure theoretical support for the development of cultural diversity. It is underlined that the fundamental principles of Confucianism coincide with the core moral-ethical principles of the “global ethos”. The article also describes the peculiarities of the concept of Chinese culture in the conditions of modern globalization processes. The main vector of research among Chinese scholars dealing with the questions of globalization, is the analysis of the process of cultural globalization and the pursuit of their place within it. Such analysis is based on the concept of culture accepted in Chinese science; however, there is yet to unified assessment of cultural globalization among the Chinese researchers. The key role of moral norms and cultural principles in governance is established. At the same time, based on the the analysis of status quo of globalization, it is suggested that the development and integration of culture should rely on the maintenance of cultural subjectivity. The author assumes that in future, the development of cultural globalization and Confucianism in order to fulfill the needs of modern society, would greatly impact cultural diversity with regards to preservation of cultural identity.

Keywords: humaneness, humanity, Golden mean, reciprocity, subjectivity, cultural diversity, Confucianism, globalization, harmony, translation of metaphysics
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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