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Man and Culture

Trautonium: peculiarities of compositions for the electronic musical instrument

Piryazeva Elena Nikolaevna

PhD in Art History

Senior Scientific Associate, Federal State Research Institution of the Russian Academy of Education “Institute of Art Education”

119121, Russia, g. Moscow, ul. Pogodinskaya, 8, of. k. 1

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The subject of this research is the electronic musical instrument trautonium and characteristic features of compositions written for this instrument. The advancement of electronic music and its instruments is substantiated by innovative transformation, constant emergence of new devices, their improvement and phasing out or transitions into a new generation of devices. One of such electronic musical instruments is trautonium, invented in the first half of the XX century. It did not gain much popularity, but gather its own repertoire and library of video and audio recordings. In the course of this research, the author applied the following methods: historical and systemic approaches; methods of integral, structural, stylistic, and comparative analysis. The novelty is defined consists in the subject of research, range of compositions attracted for musicological analysis, and the angle of their view. The author determines the common to compositions for trautonium concert character of performance reflected in the set of aesthetic and technological principles on various levels of musical composition.

Keywords: Paul Hindemith, concerts, concert performance, mixturtrautonium, trautonium, electric musical instruments, Oscar Sala, electronic music, musical art, musical composition
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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