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Man and Culture

International Festival of Theater Schools of the BRICS countries as an example of successful cooperation of the “five” in the sphere of humanities

Tomilin Dmitry Valentinovich

Rector, Institute of Theatrical Arts

127427, Russia, g. Moscow, ul. Botanicheskaya, 21

Nosova Mariya Vitalievna

Prorector for Academic Affairs, Institute of Theatrical Art

127427, Russia, g. Moscow, ul. Botanicheskaya, 21

Glazov Yevgeniy Anatolyevich

Chief Director of the State Kremlin Palace, Institute of Theatrical Art

127427, Russia, g. Moscow, ul. Botanicheskaya, 21




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Abstract: This article describes the form of successful cooperation of the BRICS countries in the sphere of humanities. The subject of this research is the International Festival of Theater Schools of the BRICS countries, which is viewed as a festivity of creative youth that represents different cultures and performing arts of their country. The goal consists in characterization of the festival, which opens a unique opportunity for communication of youth from the BRICS countries, exchange theatrical traditions and experience, acquire new friends, and demonstrate their acting skills. The scientific novelty lies in the systematized material pertaining to the specificity of organization and hosting the International Festival of Theater Schools of the BRICS countries. It is proven that the international educational program in performing arts within the framework of the festival is the realization of artistic investments into the cultural life of the Russian Federation. The author’s special contribution consists in clarification of the fact that for the past ten years the BRICS countries have achieved great results in the area of culture and art. Among all types of cooperation, the exchange in education and culture play the key role as the bridge in the sphere of humanities between the countries. The International Festival of Theater Schools of the BRICS became the source of development of the worldview of youth from different countries; broadened the horizon of the contemporary forms of culture and art; as well as emphasized the defining role of the techniques of teaching acting through the prism of Stanislavsky’s method that transforms through the culture of ethnoses represented on the festival.

Keywords: stage producer, culture, stage play, technological effectiveness, technology, innovative decisions, concept, BRICS, theatrical performance, theatre school
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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