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Man and Culture

Form of self-representation: acting work of B. V. Barnet in the films Dark Is the Night (1944) and Secret Agent (1947)

Semenchuk Svetlana Aleksandrovna

Postgraduate student, the department of Dramaturgy and Film Studies, Saint Petersburg State University of Film and Television

191119, Russia, g. Saint Petersburg, ul. Pravdy, 13




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Abstract: The subject of this research is the acting jobs of B. V. Barnet of the 1940’s. Film director Boris Barnet, who started his path as an “actor-model” at the Lev Kuleshov’s workshop, and was active in the movies during the 1920’s. However, the two major roles he played in the movies Dark Is the Night” (1944) and “Secret Agent” (1947), in which he appears in an unusual role of German Officer, in other words as an “enemy”. The shift in paradigm of the actor’s path of B. Barnet is viewed in the context the early period of his works, biography, and the history of moviemaking. For achieving the set goal, the author apploes the semiotic, contextual, historical-comparative and anthropological approaches. The conclusion is drawn on the crucial differences in creating the characters played by Boris Barnet in his films: the role in “Dark Is the Night” is the key work in acting filmography of the master; while the role in “Secret Agent” is rather a production requirement, which does not fully reflects worldview of the film director.

Keywords: critical reception, Kuleshov's workshop, wartime cinema, The Second World War, soviet avant-garde, self-presentation, soviet film production, method acting, soviet cinema, enemy image
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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