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Man and Culture

Digital text in the context of modern culture

Severina Elena Mikhailovna

Doctor of Philosophy

Professor, the department of Linguistics and Professional Communication, Southern Federal University

344082, Russia, g. Rostov-Na-Donu, ul. B. Sadovaya, 33, of. 403




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The author examines the problem of cultural-philosophical analysis study of the text in the space of modern digital culture, focusing attention on analysis of the concepts of text within the framework of interaction between culture and language. Leaning on the textocentric cultural-philosophical approaches – M. M. Bakhtin’s concept of dialogism, poststructuralist practice of text deconstruction in the concepts of J. Derrida and R. Bart, L. Manovich’s phenomenological concept of the new media, the author attempts to determine the principles of understanding of the digital text phenomenon, as well as studying the new cultural practices in the space of digital culture. Methodological foundation became the cognitive approach to culture and language, and methodological Interdisciplinarity Digital Humanities. The content of this work comprise the results of comparative analysis of the concepts of text in various cultural-philosophical systems in the contexts of understanding the interaction between reasoning, culture and language, as well as analysis of functionality of the text in digital era. The conducted research demonstrates that the dual logics of functionality of the digital text must become the subject of culturological study. At the same time, the author assumes that the concept of hypertextuality plays a special role in understanding of the digital text, and the deconstructive reading-writing practice advances to the level of “material intervention” of a reader into the digital text, turning it to an endless Author-Reader communication, mediated by the logics of computer interface, which language plays a role of the new cultural metalanguage, arranging the conveyed information in a peculiar way and affecting functionality of the text as a cultural object and its perception by the user.

Keywords: cultural metalanguage, Digital Humanities, digital technology, cultural interface, hypertext, intertextuality, digital culture, digital text, interdisciplinary scientific approaches, cultural transcoding
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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