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Man and Culture

The value of social action in axiology and self-consciousness of the Soviet nonconformists of the 1960Тs Ц 1970Тs

Serebryakova Elena Gennad'evna

PhD in Philology

Docent, the department of History of Philosophy and Culture, Voronezh State University

394018, Russia, g. Voronezh, ul. Universitetskaya Pl., 1




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Abstract: The object of this research is the self-consciousness of the Soviet liberal intelligentsia of the 1960’s – 1970’s. The subject of this research is the axiology of community, implemented within the social behavioral practices. The goal lies in characterizing the basic value within nonconformist axiology. The author believes that such value was the socially responsible action. For achieving the set goal, the author determines the semantics of the concept of “socially responsible action” in self-consciousness of the Soviet nonconformists; reveals the motivation for social actions; as well as assesses the role of social actions in axiology of the community. The research materials contains the reminiscences and diaries of intelligentsia of the “Thaw” era. The conclusion is made that the “action” is a meaning-making concept in axiology and self-consciousness of nonconformists; its semantics implied the generous and selfless action, driven by responsibility of fate of the country, and the desire to demonstrate their civic engagement. The category of “action” allowed the nonconformists to identify themselves and the members of the community. The propensity to a responsible action was considered as fundamental person’s social characteristics that defines their behavioral model, goals and aspirations of the individual and collective activity.

Keywords: historical consciousness, thaw era, dissidents, nonconformism, soviet liberal intellectuals, axiology, social action, cultural reference points, nonconformists, moral principles
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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