Статья 'Симфония, инструментальный концерт, concerto grosso в рок-музыке: к вопросам жанровой интерпретации и формообразования' - журнал 'Человек и культура' - NotaBene.ru
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Man and Culture

Symphony, instrumental music concert, concerto grosso in rock music: to the questions of genre interpretation and development

Savitskaya Elena

PhD in Art History

Senior Scientific Associate, State Institute of Art

125009, Russia, g. Moscow, ul. Kozitskii Per., 5




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Abstract: This article is dedicated to the questions of interpretation of instrumental genre in art music (concerto grosso, suite, instrumental music concert, symphony) in the context of stylistic dialogue with rock music started at the turn of the 1960’s – 1970’s. The compositions “at the intersection” of rock and art music, attributed by the composers (primarily rock musicians) as “symphony”, “concert”, etc. are analyzed. The author explores the stylistic peculiarities, and determines that in most cases the methods of formation and development of musical content characteristic to the rock music, such as rhythmic and melodic ostinato, dynamic pick up, and timbre variation, come to the fore. Attention is given to the questions of the unity of cycle, intonation and structural lings in the particular musical compositions. Research methodology combines the musicological and historical-culturological approaches; leans on the works of M. Arnovsky, T. Didenko, V. Konen, V. Syrov, A. Ysuker and other scholars. The author introduces into the scientific discourse new material from the field of rock music (In Spe - Typewriter Concerto in D Major, Kostarev Group – Concerto Grosso #1); determines the specificities of genre interpretation of the famous pieces (Deep Purple – Concerto for Group and Orchestra). The conclusion is made that the compositional principles of rock music and the sound material withstand the “dialecticity” of the classical sonata allegro, although the functional load of the parts of sonata-symphonic cycle retains most of the time. However, the pre-classical types of multi-frequency composition and the related principles of concentration, contrast and playing acquire an important meaning.

Keywords: progressive rock, music form, suite, style, genre, rock music, sonata-symphonic cycle, concerto grosso, symphony, concerto
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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