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Man and Culture

Choral compositions of Sofia Gubaidulina in the Russian and foreign research

Shirieva Nadezhda Velerovna

PhD in Art History

Docent, the department of Choral Conducting, Kazan State Conservatoire named after N. G. Zhiganov

420015, Russia, respublika Tatarstan, g. Kazan', ul. Bol'shaya Krasnaya, 38

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Abstract: The works of Sofia Gubaidulina comprise the best pages of the anthology of modern music. Despite the growing scientific interest towards oeuvres of S. Gubaidulina, not many studies are dedicated to her choral compositions. The goal of this analytical review became the determination of the range of musicological approaches to studying the composer’s choral music, which regardless of the existing discrepancies, contributed to the creation of holistic research image of this vector of Gubaidulina’s works. The results of research, conducted in accordance with genre principle, lead to demarcation of the questions raised by art historians into two blocks – theoretical and practical, as well as detection of evolution of the role of choir depending on the scale of composition. The author concludes on the prospects of studying the choral compositions of Sofia Gubaidulina due to the specificity of choral texture that requires meticulous theoretical attention and generates an entire complex of choirmastering and performative objectives.

Keywords: Night in Memphis, Hommage à Marina Tsvetayeva, Aus dem Stundenbuch, Sonnengesang, choral music, Sofia Gubaidulina, Jetzt immer Schnee, Alleluja, Johannes-Passion, choir
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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