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Man and Culture

Gastronomic improvisation: porridges in Tatar cuisine
Iakovleva Elena

professor of the Department of Philosophy and Socio-Political Disciplines at Institute of Economics, Management and Law (Kazan)

420111, Russia, respublika Tatarstan, g. Kazan', ul. Moskovskaya, 42

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The object of this research is the Tatar national cuisine. The analysis of its recipes in the menu of Tatar people recorded in the XIX century alone led to the conclusion on the significant amount of porridges and porridge-type dishes in the first-course and second-course meals, as well as a variety of baked goods used as filling. Porridge making of Tatar people has ancient roots, which is substantiated by their agricultural activity, growing grain and legumes. The popularity of porridges in everyday and festive menu is the indicator of the nutrition value, as it is rich with protein, carbs and vitamins. Cooked in a large kettle over an open fire porridges become a powerful cultural symbol of bringing people together, fruitfulness, prosperity and abundance. The author puts forwards a hypothesis that the Tatar delicacy chak-chak made out of flour, eggs and honey epitomizes grain and becomes a symbolic substitution of porridge during the teatime.

Keywords: agricultural cult, symbolism, grain, holiday, everyday life, Tatar national cuisine, kasheobraznost, porridge, flour delicacy, chak-chak



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This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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