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Man and Culture

To the problem of mutual social recognition: peculiarities of the process of acculturation of Muslims in the European non-Muslim societies
Krasilnikova Mariya Nikolaevna

External Doctoral Candidate, Center for Religious Studies, Russian State University for the Humanities

125993, Russia, g. Moscow, Miusskaya ploshchad', 6




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The subject of this research is the consideration of peculiarities of acculturation of Muslims as a process unfolded in the European non-Muslim societies, associated with impossibility of achieving a full mutual social recognition even upon the condition of gaining citizenship of a certain country, in other words, naturalization. The constraining factor towards that is the methodological nationalism, separation and marginalization, which are an inevitable result of the pursuance of multiculturalism and proclivity for leaving the ghetto, as well as understanding of acculturation as a unilateral process. The scientific novelty lies in reconsideration of the traditional forms and strategies of acculturation in the context of situation of social recognition of the Muslims in the accepting societies of European states. The main methods are the examination and analysis of academic publications related to this problematic, as well as their systemic comparison for revealing the peculiarities inherent to the aforementioned process. A conclusion is made on the importance of civic equality for the mutual social recognition, as well as the need for bilateral changes of identity for solution of the problems emerging in the process of acculturation.

Keywords: ghetto, assimilation, integration, Muslims, social recognition, naturalization, citizenship, acculturation, multiculturalism, methodological nationalism
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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