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Modern Education

Set of exercises for teaching semiotic translation of color realities to architects
Veber Ral'f

Professor, the department of Design of Spatial Environment, Technical University of Dresden (Germany)

D-01062, Germaniya, g. Dresden, ul. Zellescher Weg, 17, of. B 323

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Griber Yuliya Alexandrovna

Doctor of Cultural Studies

professor of the Department of Social Studies and Philosophy at Smolensk State University

214000, Russia, Smolenskaya oblast', g. Smolensk, ul. Przheval'skogo, 4

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The object of this research is a special professional competence of the modern architects that ensures the necessary experience for constant translation of the color realities from one semiotic system into another. The subject of this research is the set of exercise for teaching the students of architectural faculty to switch from one language into another for recoding the color information. The task of the article lies in generalization of practical experience of teaching the semiotic translation, accumulated in the course of implementation of a unique authorial project of coloristic training of architects in the Technical University of Dresden (Germany). The authors apply the method of typologization aimed at structured description and explanation of the various types of development and tested assignments. Special contribution into the research of this topic consists in systematization of exercises focused on the development of translation competence of the architects. The scientific novelty resides in the determination and characteristic of the three key types of assignments: developing receptive skills; forming skills of “recoding” of the subjective and collective psychological responses; developing reproductive skills.

Keywords: semiotic transfer, exercise program, education of architects, architecture, art teaching methods, colour didactics, teaching colour, colour, competence, colour design



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This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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