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Man and Culture

V. V. Magars spectacle Othello (Sevastopol Academic Russian Dramatic A. Lunacharsky Theatre, 2011)
Smirnova Elena Aleksandrovna

PhD in Art History

PhD candidate of art history at Russian Institute of Art History

190000, Russia, g. Saint Petersburg, Isaakievskaya pl., 5




The subject of this research is the poetic style of the spectacle “Othello” created by Vladimir Magar in 2011 in the Sevastopol Academic Russian Dramatic A. Lunacharsky Theatre. The article analyzes the main peculiarities of the theatre director’s artistic manner: creation of the atmosphere of a game and romantic two-worldness; use of multicomponent literary-dramaturgical basis of performance; mounting composition and music structure; combination of various ways of actor’s existence, leitmotif system, etc. The author examines the role of scenography, music, and other components of a dramatic act. The work applies the comparative-historical method, personal spectator’s experience of the author and analysis of print media dedicated to the spectacle. Works of the Sevastopol theatre director Vladimir Magar are absolutely unstudied, and this article manifests as a continuation of research of the poetic style of his spectacles. The analysis of poetic style of the spectacle “Othello” is essential for comprehending the key principles of Magar’s directing activity. The research of his directing manner helps restoring the obscured pages in the history of Russian theatre.

Keywords: Romantic two-worldness, Mounting composition, System of leitmotif, Directing storyline, Directing methodology, Spectacle Othello, Giuseppe Verdi, Sevastopol Theatre, Boris Blank, Vladimir Magar



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This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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