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Man and Culture

E. D. Prozorova: from the history of theatrical and music education in Buryatia

Sambueva Svetlana

PhD in History

Docent, the department of Music and Artistic Education, Buryat State University

670000, Russia, Ulan-Ude, Smolina Street 24a

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Lygdenova Valentina Bazarovna

PhD in Pedagogy

Docent, the department of Pedagogy of Elementary and Preschool Education, Buryat State University

670000, Russia, the Republic of Buryatia, Ulan-Ude, Smolina Street 24




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Abstract: The relevance of this topic first and foremost is associated with the small number of research dedicated to the work of the College of Arts named after P. I. Tchaikovsky. The main attention is given to the revelation of the importance of persona of the Honored Art Worker of the Buryat-Mongolian Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic Ekaterina Dmitrievna Mironskaya-Prozorova, who was the head of this educational facility over the period of 1944-1958. Through the coverage of various aspects of her work, the authors follow and give a generalized characteristic to the establishment and development of the theatrical and music education in Buryatia. The results of this research can serve as the starting point for the further examination of the processes of establishment of the theatrical and music education of Buryatia. The area of implementation of the results includes the history of culture of Buryatia, preservation of the cultural heritage, history of theatrical education of Buryatia, history of music education of Buryatia, as well as the history of P. I. Tchaikovsky College of Arts.   

Keywords: V. T. Naydakova, E.D. Prozorova, V. V. Lugski, Buryat- Mongolian School of Theatre and Music, College of Arts, music education of Buryatia, musical culture of Buryatia, F. S. Sakhirov, P. V. Shapova, L. M. Litvinova
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

Arkhiv Muzeya istorii Buryatii. Iz zapisei v trudovoi knizhke V.D Obydennoi.
Arkhiv Kolledzha iskusstv im. P.I. Chaikovskogo
Interv'yu s V.Ts. Naidakovoi
Interv'yu s L.M. Litvinovoi.
Interv'yu s P.V. Shapovoi.
Interv'yu s F.S. Sakhirovym.
Kul'turnoe stroitel'stvo v Buryatskoi ASSR (1917-1981) : Dokumenty i materialy / [Sost. G. L. Sanzhiev i dr.].-Ulan-Ude : Buryat. kn. izd-vo, 1983.-537 s.
Lichnyi arkhiv E.D. Prozorovoi
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