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Man and Culture

Court Painting in Qing Epoch: Documentary Artworks


the department of History of Art and Humanities, S.G. Stroganov Moscow State University of Art and Industry

125080, Russia, g. Moscow, shosse Volokolamskoe, 9

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Abstract: In article “Court Painting in Qing Epoch: Documentary Artworks” by Zhang Zongguang the study object is palace painting of the period specified. The subject matter is Qing epoch paintings created by palace artists and reflecting real persons and events true-to-fact. The author reviews in details works dedicated to real war actions, emperors’ inspection campaigns, sacrifice, ceremonies, feasts, offering gifts, hunting. Furthermore, the difference of concept “realism” in European and Chinese art history is outlined. The author pays special attention to demonstrate artistic features of these works and shows, how Sino-European style is manifested in some of them.Methodology base of the article is philosophical and general scientific as well as specific scientific methods and principles, such as comparative principle, historical method, system-oriented analysis, analysis and synthesis, induction and deduction; methods of art history study of large quantity of pictorial material, comparative stylistic method; cultural methods of study of socio-cultural realities, including comparative, sociological, axiological, semeiotic ones. The novel nature of the conducted investigation, particularly, on the basis of some material firstly introduced in Russian art history, is given by detailed art history description and attribution of “documentary artworks”, by evidenced confirmation of high artistic and historical value of the works, by verification of synergic nature of interference of Western and Chinese techniques during Qing epoch.

Keywords: Chinese art history, emperor’s inspection campaigns, Qing epoch, documentary paintings, art history, Sino-European style, European methods of painting, Qing dynasty, realism, court painting
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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Katalog kitaiskikh kartin, khranyashchikhsya v Yaponii. Tokio: Dachuntsyaoi, 1938.
S. 109.
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